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Early last week Premier, Kathleen Wynn announced new rules that prohibited anyone from vaping in places where smoking of regular cigarettes is outlawed. Medical Marijuana laws under review While there are still many uncertainties for those living under prescription of Medical Marijuana in Ontario, the new regulations will be posted for 45 days to allow […]


We’ve all read about the battles of vaporizers against cigarettes, why one is healthier than the other, cheaper than the other, I could go on and on. Don’t get me wrong all this is very vital to a consumer but none reaches out to the inner most part of the consumer. The true reason we […]

Glass Bongs an Alternative to Vaporizers

Today’s post was a guest post from one of our visitors. As a smoker of various herb mixes and blends I have always been curious of both bongs and vaporizers, but more in particular; Glass Bongs. I first heard about bongs from my friends and then I started to see pictures of them popping up […]

Is Vaping Really Healthier Than Smoking ?

Up until recently the most often used methods of marijuana consumption were joints, pipes or bongs. All of these involve smoke inhalation and can arguably be compared to smoking tobacco – many people do combine tobacco with their weed when rolling a joint. So it is known that the combustion of any plant material releases […]

Big Funding For Vaporizers Suggests Growing Confidence in the Industry

Many of folks who enjoy consuming marijuana by vaporizing it have heard of Pax vaporizers. The manufacturer of popular vaporizers from San Francisco, Pax Labs, announced $46.7 million in new funding, which is considered a sign of investor confidence not only in the booming vaporizer market but also in the marijuana industry. Not long ago, […]

Which Marijuana Vaporizer Should You Choose?

There are two types of vaporizers – portable and desktop. Additionally, you can still find those large, often expensive Volcano-style vaporizers, although they don’t work that well with concentrates, but you can still use them with herbs. Because of their convenience, most of people often choose portable units, also known as “vape pens.” Vaporizers are […]

Vaping Has Gone Mainstream

Did you know that last year Oxford dictionary named “vape” as its word of the year? It seems that the attempt to make the word “vape” more popular than “google” was a serious idea after all. President of the Dictionaries Division said they noticed the rise of the word and concluded that it had reached […]

Vaping Butane Hash Oil Is So Hot Right Now

According to a Global Drug Survey 2015, vaping butane hash has reached a new high – it is now more popular than smoking it in a joint with tobacco. Have you ever heard of a phrase such as “Dabbing Errl?” We have, recently, and after a thorough research, we discovered that, simply put, it is […]

The Future of Cannabis Vaporizers

Some of us still feel like 1995 was 5 years ago. For others, it was a lifetime ago. This was the time when mobile phones started hitting the market. But that wasn’t the only novelty from the world of technology. Vaporizers started popping out as well. And they, much like mobile phones, were facing the […]

Studies That Prove Vaporizers Are Healthier Than Smoking

You must’ve heard this a million times by now – vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking joints. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Especially if you’re mixing your herbs with tobacco. Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. If you think that using a bong makes things […]