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Starting in 2018 we will have reviews on huge range of glass bongs and smoking accessories at very low prices.

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Like Concentrates? You’re Gonna Love Rosinbomb!

Concentrates are becoming more popular than ever, especially with people seeking out stronger and stronger highs. And if you’re anything like us you’ll want to make sure that you have a plentiful supply of them. That’s where Rosinbomb comes in. Rosinbomb began life way back when as a family company that specialized in machine creation. […]

Flowermate Vaporizers: The Best in Dry Herb Technology

If you’re any way serious about your vaping experiences then you’re likely always on the lookout for a company that you can rely on. Over at Flowermate Technology, they are consistently bringing the very best of vaping technology. Over the last number of years, Flowermate has made their focus the dry herb and concentrate vaporizers […]

How to Choose a Vaporizer: Convection vs. Conduction

In this brave new age of legal medical and recreational marijuana, many people are now choosing cannabis over prescription drugs to treat pain, anxiety and other ailments. Responsible adults are increasingly turning to cannabis as a safer, healthy alternative to alcohol. As cannabis consumerism grows, so does the market for smoking and vaping accessories. Consumers […]

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Common ways that the Californians consumed marijuana

Since in California there has been the legalization of the pot month, it has brought with it so many creativity as the marijuana startups have been flowing off and they are coming up with new ideas. High there! Is one of the so many animals? That is used to describe the social networking that will […]

Top 3 Vape Kits to Buy On a Budget

For the vast majority of people who intend to begin vaping, it is a way to condition their mind into relinquishing smoking. So, to give you the best opportunity at success, we’ve sourced the best vape pens at the best value, ultimately gifting you some discounts. However, a large portion of people contrastingly choose to […]

Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

Buy Yocan Evolve Vaporizer for 39.99   How To Use Yocan Evolve Vape Pen? The Evolve vaporizer by Yocan Technologies comes in a nice little slide box. This makes it easy to move with and keep other parts that come along with the pen intact. The pen has a good feeling in the hands, heavy […]


The Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Buy Atmos Jump Vaporizer for $59.99   Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review The Atmos Jump vaporizer is definitely the value for your money. Cheers to Atmos RX for yet another brilliant product. It is a real true dry herb vaporizer. The vaporizer is extremely portable and very easy to use, with very nice packaging. This makes […]

Atman Hachi Vaporizer

Buy Atman Hatchi Vaporizer for $119.99 The Atman Hachi is a specially designed for dry herb flower, made in Brazil Rose Wood which makes it appeasing to the eyes because of its natural beauty. It has a whole on the top where the mouth pieceis inserted.It is quite small,about 300g, meaning you can easily put […]

Pulsar Sirius Vaporizer

Buy Pulsar Sirius Vaporizer for $49.99 Pulsar’s new vaporizer, Pulsar Sirius Vaporizer as the name suggests is indeed a serious one! It represents the latest generation of wax pen vaporizers. Before you see it you could think it’s too good to be true but guess what!?It’s real and here to stay! Pulsar Sirius Vaporizer possesses […]


Sutra S-type Dry Vaporizer

Buy Sutra S-type Dry Vaporizer for 169.99 The Sutra S-type Dry Vaporizer is yet another superb dry herb vaporizer. Thanks goes to SutraVapefor their new innovative streak which is clearly visible in the design of this product. I assure you that you will for in love with it at first sight. With just 5 inches […]