As most countries in North America and Western Europe move towards the legalization of CBD products, a global cannabidiol industry is beginning to emerge. Scientific research continues to unveil new components and beneficial properties in the hemp plant, and companies are investing an unprecedented amount of resources in the development of new sublingual, topical and edible products.

Although most developments are happening in the United States, the uncertainty regarding the legal stand of CBD under state laws is not helping the research and development environment in the country. For this reason, many innovative cannabidiol industries are opting for areas where CBD has been entirely legalized and there are reliable laws and institutions to protect their business. In the following three countries, the cannabidiol industry is booming thanks to this stability and progressive nature.

1)    Canada

While the United States gets most of the headlines when it comes to innovative CBD products, few people know that its northern neighbor grows more than 10 times more hemp per year on average. After Uruguay, Canada was the second country in the American continent to completely legalize cannabis. CBD products have been legal anywhere from Vancouver to Quebec for years now.

Many US-based companies are now importing hemp extracts from Canada to manufacture their CBD products. Less regulations, an already established market and widely available information makes prices lower for Canadian consumers, thousands of which are already enjoying the beneficial properties of hemp extracts.

As cannabis has been legalized in Canada for both medical and recreational purposes, the country does not have the 0.3% limit on THC concentrations for CBD products as the United States does. For people who want to enjoy the whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes and discover the “entourage effect”, this is certainly good news.

2)    France

While the Netherlands has been the most famous country in Europe when it comes to cannabis and CBD products, France is the largest producer of hemp in the European Union and its cannabidiol industry is growing fast. Although the Gaelic country is still lagging when it comes to progressive regulations and is considered one of the strictest nations in Europe when it comes to CBD, companies are quickly finding a way to satisfy the imminent demand for cannabidiol products.

Any guide to CBD oil indicates that high quality plants are a crucial aspect for the production of cannabidiol tinctures, edibles or topicals. France’s large and fertile agricultural areas are ideal for this, and the entire country is waiting for legislative changes to take place before becoming an important supplier of CBD products for the rest of the continent.

3)    Switzerland

Despite being a small and landlocked country, Switzerland has been the birthplace of many of the world’s innovations and revolutionary ideas since its foundation. When it comes to CBD products, Swiss scientists and manufacturers are leading the research and development efforts to produce high quality cannabidiol and improve the health of patients from all around the world.

If you are planning to get your own dose of Swiss cannabidiol, you can buy CBD oil here and enjoy the premium quality that characterizes this country. One of the main benefits of Swiss CBD regulations is that, while most other European nations have a 0.2% THC limit, Switzerland has a much higher 1% threshold.

For Swiss customers and businesses, the regulations concerning CBD usage are similar to those regulating alcohol or tobacco. Users must be at least 18 years old to use cannabidiol, and companies cannot make any healing promises as CBD is still not regulated by the country’s pharmaceutical agencies.

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