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5 Fast Facts That Can Help You Choose Vaping Flavors

By October 8, 2020 No Comments

It is a common thing to have vaped these days. Yet, not all the vaping enthusiasts are equally excited about the flavors they vape. For instance, when I first started vaping, I actually ended up choosing a fruity flavor, and I didn’t like it much. Not implying that fruity flavors are bad, though!

Of course, many of you would also be equally overwhelmed by the thought of choosing the right e-liquid. Thankfully, I’ve found a way that I personally use every time to find myself the right liquid for the right session.

And you can use them too!

1.  Conduction Vaping Can Burn Your Juices

Did you know that during conduction, the material which is closest to the heater receives more heat? Well, it is indeed the case with a conduction type vaporizer pen. So, if you have one, I’d say you choose a liquid with low viscosity. Highly viscous e-liquids usually do not move around in the cartridge easily. Thus, you may end up tasting burnt flavors on your pallet if you keep vaping for a while.

2.  Battery Power Increases Intensity Of Flavors

Many of the vaping enthusiasts believe that the battery power only controls the density of the vapors. Yet, reality has more to it. On increasing your vaporizer pen’s battery power, you can experience a more intense hit of the flavors. This is because more heat causes more flavors to turn into vapors. As simple as that.

3.  PG to VG Ratio Decides Cloud Density

If you didn’t know it before, here it is for you- the two main components of any vaping liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). A careful blend of these two liquids is responsible for the cloud density of vapors. If your e-liquid has more VG than PG, then you can expect thicker clouds. On the other hand, if PG is higher than VG, you can expect better flavors.

4.  Herbal Juices Are Best Vaped Wickless

Another common misconception is that Wicks help with better heating of the juices. On the contrary, wickless vaporizer pens are known to leave fewer residues behind. Moreover, wickless kits are also leakproof. This makes it inarguably evident that wickless vaping kits are the best for vaping herbal juices.

5.  Aromatic Experiences Are Similar To Vaping

This one is more like a trick than a fast fact. Studies reveal that sniffing aromas from vapes can have a similar experience to actually vaping it. In other words, you can use this method to pre-test if you’d like a particular flavor or not. All you need to do is rub a little juice on your palm and sniff it. If you like the aromas, likely, you’d also like the flavor when you vape it.

So, now that you know my secret, why don’t you try them out for yourself. Let me know in the comments section below if these fast facts helped you. Or if you have anything that I can add to this list.

Till then, happy, vaping!!



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