5 Marijuana Vaporizers Worth Considering


Vaporizing is trending high at the moment. With all the amazing heath benefits vaporizers provide, it would be foolish to not let them take over the world (well, at least in terms of how marijuana is being consumed). However, it is quite apparent that the vaporizer market is completely oversaturated. There are thousands of vaporizers currently out there and rarely anyone has the time to go through each of them and figure out which one is best. Those devices can go from $25 to $1000 so it is very easy to get lost. Luckily, it is our job to test out vaporizers so we compiled a list of top five vaporizers that are actually worth buying, not just considering. These are portable vaporizers, as we believe most of you are constantly looking for the best deal in terms of portability, efficiency and quality of vapor.

The Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer

Wulf vape digital vaporizer

We always let the design speak for itself. And as you can see, this is one of the slickest vaporizers currently on the market. The ergonomics of the device is outstanding and it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Then there’s the digital display which allows you to digitally control temperature from anywhere between 200F and 400F. With a heat up time of just ninety seconds, you will not have to wait too long to inhale that sweet vapor. Your herbs will be thankful for it. Last but not least, the automatic shut off function will make sure you don’t vaporize yourself when you place the device back on your pocket.

The Haze Vaporizer


The good people from Haze Technologies have managed to convince even the most demanding cannabis connoisseurs that this device does not disappoint on any level. With that in mind, this device is virtually unbreakable. It comes with two heating chambers and two mouthpieces (one made of glass, the other out of steel). The advanced heating technology really gets the most out of your bud and that means herbs; waxes and oils get a pretty cool treatment. The four temperature settings will come in handy when you want to control the temperature of your vaporizing efforts.

Atmos Transporter Vaporizer


Yes, we know, it looks like a flask. Can you think of a more incognito device that will allow you to get stoned out of your mind? We didn’t think so. This bad boy was made out of high quality materials and consists out of a superb heating element and practical ceramic heating chamber. The body of the device is scratch resistant so you don’t have to give it the iPhone treatment. This device is quite user friendly and if you treat it with moderate care, you will significantly increase it lifespan. This device is convenient for both the vaporizing newbie and the vaporizing connoisseur. It is meant to be used with herbs so don’t go loading it up with waxes and/or oils.

GoBoof Alfa Vaporizer


This device was designed and manufactured by GoBoof (go figure!). The company was founded in Ireland and has been working for years towards one single goal: to provide their customers with a sensational outdoor vaporizing experience. The device fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and will fit in any moderately sized pocket. The anodized heating chamber comes with additional three manual heating options. If you want to set a desired temperature, feel free to manipulate it anywhere between 374F and 428F. The heat up time of this bad boy does not go over 30 seconds so be quick on the inhale but slow on the exhale. This is vapor we’re talking about after all. The automatic shut-off function has become quite popular among portable vaporizers. After all, who would want to vaporize all their herbs while their sitting idly inside your portable vaporizer? The automatic shut-off function is also referred to as a “Set It & Forget It Function”, which makes perfect sense. The device was designed for dried cannabis buds.

VaporX Extreme Vaporizer

vaporx extreme vaporizer

This bad boy was designed specifically with oils and e-juices in mind. We tried experimenting with dry bud but that didn’t turn out too great. The device is very easy to use and comes with a stainless steel mouthpiece. The long lasting battery makes sure you have an uninterrupted vaporizing experience. The thickness and consistency of vapor with the VaporX Extreme Vaporizer is pretty awesome. The device comes with two swivel tanks, two replacement-heating coils and two batteries that boast 510 threading. The charging dock that comes with this vaporizer will also come in handy on an almost daily basis, depending on how frequent you use your vaporizer. If that wasn’t enough, the number of accessories that come with this vaporizer will make sure you don’t get bored anytime soon.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is quite easy to drown in the myriad of vaporizers. We’ve been through all of them and we continue to receive new arrivals on a daily basis so we will make sure we keep you posted. In the meantime, approach your new vaporizer with caution. If you primarily use dried buds, then get a vaporizer that only vaporizes dried buds. However, if you keep switching between herbs, oils and waxes, maybe it would be a batter idea to get a vaporizer that supports all three states, rather than buying each vaporizers separately. Also be on the lookout for fakes. A lot of vaporizing companies buy cheap vaporizers from China, repackage them and then sell them for double the price. The Internet forums are full of such information and you can tell that people have had miserable experiences with cheap knock-offs that are available in pretty much every vaporizer store because of their high profit margin. Sometimes its just better to shell out an additional $50 and get a vaporizer that will not explode in your hand.

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  • March 31, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    Nice. Im liking the look of the VaporX Extreme. It’s crazy to think how far handhelds have come along over the last 2 years or so. We’ve gone from having a couple to hundreds!


  • Justin
    November 27, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    I totally agree to
    I totally agree to that video, but I perfer the Solid Valve system. One other annoying thing about the Volcano is the price, but if you can afford it, itb4s really worth it. Also the small parts, that need cleaing from time to time, are perfectly dishwasher safe.


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