Out of all vaping products available on the market, there’s one that undoubtedly stands above the rest and provides its users with probably the best vaping experience. This model was created Storz and Bickel, the company best known for making the famous Volcano Vaporizers. So, what makes the Mighty one of the best portable vaporizers?

  1. It has some great features

This 2018 updated model of the Mighty Vaporizer has some impressive features its predecessors lacked. First of all, its battery can last up to 20% more than its former versions, which means that it gives you up to 90 minutes of continued use before needing a recharge. The designers have also added some safety features making this crafty vaporizer as safe as possible. When it’s heated up and ready for vaping, you’ll be informed by a vibration alarm; and after a few minutes the auto-shutoff feature turns on as a precaution. However, you can push back this feature with a simple push of a button if needed.

  1. It has an impressive design

The Mighty vaporizer doesn’t really look like a vape at first glance, it looks like a strong machine and that really is what the vape can be. This vape’s main body is split into three columns on either side. It holds lithium-ion batteries that are responsible for the Mighty’s long lasting battery life. Finally, in the center you can find a heating chamber made from stainless steel which can heat up from 40ºC to 210ºC in a matter of only 60 seconds.

  1. It’s very easy to use

At first glance it looks like it could be a complicated machine considering all the features it embodies. The Mighty vape by Storz & Bickel is incredibly easy to use and to clean as well. The interior screen can be replaced effortlessly and simply be cleaned out. It doesn’t require often cleanings as some people prefer the taste of their herbs after they use their vape for some time.

  1. You control the temperature to your own preferences

Like we mentioned before, The Mighty vape can be heated up from 40ºC to 210ºC and these temperatures are controlled by you through a vivid OLED display located at the bottom of the vape. This is the first vape to introduce custom heating privilege and it gives its users a truly unique experience.

  1. It can stand the test of time

People who have already tried out the Mighty vaporizer have claimed that it’s extremely sturdy, doesn’t break easily if it’s accidentally dropped and it holds up after a long period of use just like it did in the beginning.

  1. It has sleek and modern dozing capsules

Considering the fact this hybrid vaporizer is portable, people who take it out for walks, on a night out or anywhere need a way to easily change your vape and its dosing capsules are the best solution. They are small and made of aluminum and can hold up to 0.15g of herbs. You can also purchase a disk that holds 8 of these capsules, meaning you can always have a backup when you’re out enjoying yourself with your Mighty vaporizer.

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