Going on an adventure can be an extremely exciting prospect for some; be it mountaineering, trekking or just driving in the wilderness, for smokers, it is exciting too but at the same time extremely difficult task as they have to keep in mind the stuff that they have to carry with them. They have to plan the adventure and pack their bags keeping in mind their needs as far as smoking is concerned which at times can be an extremely daunting task. Now, however, times have changed there are numerous options available on online headshops and forums where one can easily find portable equipment that can be easily carried in a backpack making your journey extremely easier and convenient. Here we list 6 smoker equipment that must be part of your backpack once you set off:

The Safety Case 2.0 by Black Rock Originals

The most important aspect of carrying smoker equipment is that it should be easy to carry and has the space to put in everything one can require while travelling without raising too many eyebrows. This is where The Safety Case 2.0 by Black Rock Originals comes in. It has a smell-proof stealth design and its weatherized exterior acts as a good protection for your smoking and vaping essentials. The Safety Case also helps keep your stash discreet. The Safety Case 2.0 includes:

  • 25 Rolling Tips
  • 4 Medical Grade “Pebble” Containers
  • 2 Packs of Rolling Papers
  • 1 Hitter Pipe
  • 1 Stainless Steel Grinder Card
  • 1 Poker / Tool
  • 1 Silicone Mat

Absolute Zero

This glass pipe by Chameleon Glass is one of the most sought-after item available in the market which creates a cool and smooth hit. Its sleek design has a large clear glass bowl and a smaller circular clear glass chamber before the mouthpiece. These two parts are connected by a glass condenser which helps the pipe to be frozen hence the name, Absolute Zero. It is available in the market in five different colours which give a consumer good options to choose from.

Glass Container

Silicone Bong

Made from an extremely flexible elastomer, these bongs are ideal for smooth hits on the go. It gets really hard to carry the full sized bong whenever go so silicone bongs are your go-to equipment. These portable bongs can be rolled up and put in a pocket when required it convenient unfolds and you can easily enjoy a smoke.

Pax 3 Complete Kit

Pax 3 or commonly known as the iPhone of vapes is one of the finest vaping equipment available in the market. Its speedy and has a dual-use portable vaporizer which can switch between loose leaf and extract in a matter of a few seconds. It has a rechargeable battery which is twice as powerful as the previous Pax 2 version and is available in the market in four different colours. For any vaper, this is an ideal pocket-sized vape which should be a must-buy.

Jar Grinder

A grinder is a must carry for anyone who is travelling. As time has progressed more and more people want their grinders to be customised based on their needs. The Kannastor grinder is the best available option in the market which allows consumers to store and effortlessly grind the dry herbs. If you are interested in carrying dry herbs whilst you travel, The Kannastor can be an answer to your grinding issues.

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