If it weren’t for these 8 fine manufacturers of vaporizers and vape pens, who knows what the vaporizer market would look like?

Marijuana vaporizers have brought upon the biggest change to the way we consume cannabis since the glass bong. All around the world people who under normal circumstances would have never smoked from bongs are learning to appreciate cannabis. This is because of the vaporizer. A vaporizer is a device that uses heat to vaporize cannabis flower and cannabis concentrates in a way that allows us to feel all of the effects of THC and CBD, but none of the nasty side effects from smoking cannabis via combustion aka the “traditional” way.

Vaping cannabis has taken over the public consciousness and it shows. The variety of vapes that are available today are simply staggering. I still remember when the first desktop vaporizer came out on the market and what a refreshing change it was from smoking from a pipe. From the desktop came the portable vaporizer, and then the vape pen. Dab rigs allowed us to enjoy our concentrates in a way never thought possible. Thanks to vapes we can now enjoy our oils, dry herb, and waxes in an easy and convenient manner.

Vapes Rise in Prominence

Vaporizers for marijuana first came around in the 2000s with the invention of the desktop vaporizer. For a while there didn’t seem to be much of an existing market for them. Cannabis consumers preferred to go with what was familiar, and what was familiar at that time were bongs. I did not take my first hit from a Volcano until around 2008, when one of my friends procured one by lucky chance. To tell you the truth I was not all that impressed. It’s fortunate that the future of cannabis consumption was not based off of my first impression of a vape, because shortly after I formed my opinion, I watched tech stock in vaporizers erupt in real time.

Part of the evolution of the electronic vape is due in part to tobacco cigarettes, or in this case people’s desire to quit them. Around the early to mid 2000s society suddenly decided that we were done with tobacco smoke. With the rise in smoking cessation came the electronic cigarette. Suddenly, everyone wanted to switch to e-cigarettes.

With the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes came the advancement of vape technology. Newer and more advanced heating systems were developed. This spread to the cannabis industry as US states began to legalize recreational marijuana. Portable dry herb vaporizers soon became a regular sight in the hands of cannabis connoisseurs. Soon Wall Street and the rest of the US Stock Market began to reflect the interest in vaping technology, as stock in vape companies soared. Thus, a billion dollar industry was born. Now, let’s look at some vape companies that have changed the market for good.

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel, manufacturers of the first medical dry herb vape, which you might know as the Volcano, are often referred to as the pioneers of the medical marijuana vaporizer industry. German based Storz and Bickel boast the first factory in the world dedicated to the manufacture of “medical herbal vaporizers,” according to their website. The first Volcano was manufactured in 2000, almost a decade before vaping would become popular. Storz and Bickel continue to manufacture high quality desktop and portable vaporizers such as the Mighty, the Crafty, and the Plenty. Storz and Bickel are a sure sign that the future of vape technology lies somewhere in the European Union.


Founded in 2007, PAX Labs aims to bring cannabis connoisseurs a “responsible, enjoyable, and personalized” experience with cannabis, thus revolutionizing the art of cannabis consumption. PAX is known as the best manufacturer of portable dry herb vaporizers available on the market today. Their PAX 2 vaporizer really set the standard for other manufacturers of dry herb vaporizers all around. PAX would soon outdo themselves with the PAX 3 and the PAX Era, both of which integrated the use of temperature control via smartphone app. PAX will no doubt continue to pave the way for vape manufacturers in the years to come.

Magic Flight

Magic Flight is the manufacturer of dry herb vapes such as the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Muad’Dib, and the Molecule. Magic Flight specializes in creating a dry herb vape for the hippie in all of us. Each Magic Flight vape is crafted from high quality wood such as cherry, walnut, or maple. Every part of the device, from the casing down to the heating element, is carefully crafted to respect Mother Nature and her gift to us. Magic Flight is for those of us who want to consume their cannabis in the most ecologically friendly way possible. Fans of science fiction novels will especially appreciate the Muad’Dib dry herb vaporizer.

PAX has been referred to as the Apple of vaporizer brands. Image Source: imgur

Grenco Science

Vaping aficionados with truly distinguished tastes will love the style and quality of vaporizers made by Grenco Science. Founded in 2012 during the time vaping really began to gain popularity, Grenco aims to provide cannabis consumers with technologically advanced and user friendly vaporizing devices that provide portability and convenience to the user. Grenco products are widely enjoyed by people new to the concept of vaping as well as those of us who have been there from the beginning. Are you looking for the latest in experimental vape technology? Grenco is where to go!


Are you looking for the most stylish and adaptable vape pens around? Look no further than KandyPens. For the true devotee to vaping the finest oils in a discreet manner, KandyPens are the key to finding some of the sleekest and fashionable vape pens you can find anywhere. The KandyPens Special K vape pen for instance, is designed to look like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but disguises itself as a top of the line oil pen, allowing you to take the coffee break that you truly deserve.

White Rhino

White Rhino has made a truly indelible mark in the cannabis consumption world with their line of easy to use, portable and disposable vaporizers, all for an easily affordable price. White Rhino deserves their spot on this list because they offer high quality vaporizers for vaping enthusiasts and those who are just trying it out all at reasonable and affordable prices!

Persei Master Oil Vaporizer

Just as a soulmate exists for everyone, so does the perfect oil pen. Persei is that pen. Persei is best known for the Omicron vaporizer, meant to introduce total beginners to the concept of vaporizing their cannabis. True science nerds will recognize that the brand and its products are named after the Omicron Persei star system in the constellation Perseus. Fans of sci-fi will recognize the reference to the legendary cartoon show Futurama, in the Omicron name. Persei offers a superior quality vape at a price that is easily attainable to those of us still living on earth.


Yocan vaporizers are the pinnacle when it comes to premium vaporizing technology at a pre economic growth price. Yocan offers the best in portable vaporizers, vape pens, vape mods, and desktop models. The China based vape company strives to bring its customers the best, and they certainly excel at that. Be sure to check out their fine line of wax pens and dry herb vaporizers that are sure to fit the budget of the average consumer.

This is a great time for vaping enthusiasts. We are always discovering new products on the market that make it easier for us to get through a panic attack, a seizure, a rough day at work, first date, holiday dinner, or whatever your needs might be, no matter how big or small.

Where will the future of vaporizer technology lead us?

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