All health problems that are linked to smoke can be avoided if Marijuana is heated up to the point where the much-wanted cannabinoid can be achieved and released without putting the material to ignition which destroys it completely.

Inhaling vapor from an electronic device is possibly the best alternative way of taking Marijuana. Unlike smoking, vaping is less harmful as it does not require ignition of material. Research suggests that smoking can lead to inhaling of carcinogens. Scientific evidence has shown that actually, vaporizers can deliver Marijuana medicinal effects to patients without exposing them to side effects that come with smoking.

Legal Marijuana is expected to generate a huge profit in the coming years and as a result, competition is heating up in the vaping machine market. A wide range of devices is being made to meet the specifications of every Marijuana user. Industries in vaporizers market are trying to observe ease of use, style, and portability as one of the priorities for the users. Another important aspect is the budget which influences most buyers’ ability to purchase a vaporizer.


So what makes Vaporizers outstanding?


Unlike smoking, vaporizers, especially the portable ones are much more discreet to use and to carry around. The vapes emitted from the vaporizers are not as smelly as compared to smoke that usually comes from the pipe or joint. Storing and traveling with a vaporizer is also much easier due to its compact design. Also, there is no need to worry about misplacing or even losing the lighters as it is in the case of smoking.

The vapor that is given by the vaporizer usually does have a smell even though the vaporizer itself may still stink Marijuana. The skunky smell of Marijuana is very difficult to hide especially when one is smoking but can be avoided with a vaporizer. If you set the heat to high on your vaporizer, the person sitting next to you at a public place may only get a whiff but still, it won’t be that obvious smell of Marijuana.

Marijuana pen vaporizer


So how exactly does a vape pen works?

The parts of a vape pen are a power button, an atomizer, a tank or a chamber, a battery and a mouthpiece just like in cigarette. The pen is activated by pressing the power button or inhaling from the mouthpiece and sometimes you can do both to activate it. The component automizer is heated up by the battery and, then the contents of the chamber are subjected to a high temperature which is enough to cause vaporization but not burning. Temperature affects the vaporizer and what one inhales. If the heat is less, the vapor will not be as much. Studies suggest that the best spot for vaporizing Marijuana is 338 Fahrenheit. It is at this temperature that the medicinal chemicals found in Marijuana are turned to vapor that can comfortably and easily be inhaled than the smoke from a cigarette.

As much as what someone inhales depends on the compounds of the Marijuana chemical, none of the harmful products found in smoke are usually present in the vapor. The inhaled vapor importantly provides a higher percentage of the required cannabinoid than what the smoke has.

Several vaporizers are designed to give the user the control over temperature. They are able to alter the temperature ratio as they inhale and this helps to regulate the level of cannabinoid that is given at one time. Lighting Marijuana has been known to give out all the cannabinoid at once and therefore, causing destruction to all the cannabinoid present. Ability to select the lowest temperature in a vape pen allows the achievement of the best taste and aromatic hit which is given by the terpenoids with a low boiling point. Vapors can still appear even before your vape pen reaches the boiling point but in very small quantity and ratio that may not be so obvious to notice. It is therefore important to set the temperature where you can judge the vapor by smell or the taste.

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