Aromazap Vaporizer Review- High Quality Vaporizer, sturdy design

The worlds most unique herbal vaporizer. Aromazap is a unique vaporizer because it is also an aromatherapy oil diffuser. When not in use as a vaporizer, it heats a hand made aromatherapy ‘flower cup’ to dispense an aroma of your choice in your living area. Aromazap is entirely hand crafted. All wood used is recycled and comes from  the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The Aromazap Vaporizer

Hailed by the manufacturers as beautiful, functional art, the Aromazap vaporizers are all insulated with waste wood, mostly Douglas fir and Western Hemlock.  So, the first thing you see when you look at one of these vaporizers it what appears to be a small wooden block and, just as each tree is unique, each Aromazap is also one of a kind.  You do get a choice of wood stain for finishing.  Personally, I think that, with a bit of elbow grease and beeswax, wood is beautiful enough without the use of wood stain.  I do wonder as well, if the heat from the element will cause the smell of wood stain to permeate the air.  This, of course, is a purely personal gripe but I think the smell thing is worth giving some thought.

What the wood is insulating is the working part of the vaporizer, that is, the heating element, which is ceramic coated, and USA made. The screens used are constructed from stainless steel; all solder is lead-free. The manufacturers take great pride in the quality construction of the Aromazap, as well as in the fact that, as far as is possible, all components are USA made.

The Aromazap is so named because, according to the manufacturers, it is first and foremost an aromatherapy device. In fact, this vaporizer is supplied with a small hand-crafted flower that hides a cup in which you put your essential oils for aromatherapy vaporizing.  This flower can, in fact, be left in place 24/7, usefully disguising your vaporizer as a naturalistic ornament.

To use the Aromazap as a vaporizer rather than an atomizer, you simply substitute the flower stem with the vaporizer stem.  Before you put the vaporizer stem into the base unit, pack finely ground herbal blend loosely into the end of the stem that goes against the heater. The manufacturers recommend that your herbs are ‘so dry that you would hesitate to use them for smoke, because they would be used up too quickly.’  The heat-up time is an hour, which seems inordinately long.  However, the recommendation is that you leave the aroma flower in place and have the unit on all the time.  It uses 7 watts apparently.  I would be concerned about recommending this simply for reasons of potential fire risk.

Cleaning is with surgical spirit/rubbing alcohol or, if you prefer, occasional boiling.  If you do decide to boil, you will need to remove the solidified essential oils that are a by-product of evaporation, which is what vaporization is, in effect.

The Aromazap comes with just a 90 day guarantee.  The manufacturers base this on the fact that the device is extremely simple, with no moving parts.  Apparently, these vaporizers are made by just two people and are left heating for at least 24 hours before being released to the big bad world.  On this basis, the manufacturers are very confident that there will be no defects in the Aromazap when you receive it; they also pride themselves on their customer service.

As far as accessories are concerned, well there aren’t many.  Extra stems are offered at around $9 each, or in multi-packs of six for $45.  Adapters are $12 each.

The Aromazap itself costs around $115 and comes with the base unit, 115v transformer unit, diffusing flower, bottle of lavender essential oil, three stems, tamper, and full instructions.

What are your thoughts about the Aromazap?  Have you used it, and if you have, how was it?

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Aromazap Vaporizer Review


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