The Atman Almighty vaporizer is yet the best of its kind in the market, having a very unique designed and its performance is amazingly perfect. It’s the almighty!

Presentation of the Almighty

The Atman Almighty vaporizer comes in a metallic box that is well packaged. Inside the vaporizer lies a mini grinder which isn’t found in other vaporizers, making it one of its kind. Looking through the glass window you can see the grinder working for first hand.

The vaporizer possesses an LCD screen, showing the battery capacity. It has 3 buttons on the side, 2 for temperature modulation and a big button for powering the vaporizer on and off.

Powering up

The Atman Almighty vaporizer is powered up by a 18650 lithium battery which has a capacity of 2200mAh, keeping the vaporizer at high performance throughout the day. This provides one with a high-quality vaping experience.

For charging, the Atman Almighty vaporizer comes with a USB cable that is connected at the bottom of the vaporizer and inserted into a powered port to begin charging. So no need of replacing the drained battery, just charge it and it will be as good as new.

The Atman Almighty Vaporizer comes with:

This Kit Includes:

  • 1x Metal case for Atman Almighty
  • 1x Pyrex mouthpiece
  • 1x Cleaning Brush Tool
  • 1x Packing tool
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Wall adaptor
  • 1x User Manual

Additional information:

  • Battery voltage: 3.7V
  • Working voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
  • Battery Specifications: 18650 lithium battery
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Quiescent current :< 100Ua
  • Smoking current :< 20A
  • USB charger voltage :< 5V/1.0A


  1. Fill the dry herb into the grinder holder, grinding it.
  2. After grinding, press the handle of grinder, to drop the herb into the storage chamber.
  3. Click the button1 for 5 times to turn on/off.
  4. Click button 2 to increase temperature or click button 3 to decrease temperature.
  5. After you choose the temperature you want, hold button 1 for 2 seconds, it will make the device into heating and the temperature number is running up on the display. It will reach the temperature you set in 20 seconds and the number will stop running. It will last as long as 10 minutes for a smoke.
  6. 10 minutes later, the device will shut off automatically to save power and prevent smoke.
  7. When the heating element cools down, clean chamber by brush. Please pay more attention not to break the heating element when cleaning.

Charging: Connect the USB cable to the port at the bottom of the device and then connect the cable to a manufacturer-approved mains adaptor. The LED light will turn red, and when it is full-charged, it will turn green. It will take approximately 3 hours to fully charge via a 1A mains adaptor and USB cable. Disconnect the charging cable once fully charged.

Tips: Hold the button1 and button2 at the same time for 3 seconds to set the degree display in Fahrenheit, or hold the button1 and button3 at the same time for 3 seconds to set it in degree Centigrade.

Low Voltage Protection: When the voltage drops below 3.3v, the device will no output, and the red LED displays 8 times a warning. Need to charge.

Protection: The device will be shut off automatically if it is not undercharging or smoking for more than 60 seconds. To save power and protect the device.


Atman Almighty Vaporizer


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