Atman Nereus uses water as a filter and it’s the world’s first vaporizer to use such. It has a 18500 rechargeable Li-ion 3.6 V battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. This, therefore, makes sure you have enough time to achieve a great vaping experience. It also makes Nereus portable.

Nereus has quartz made chamber with a melting point of 2912 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it will not release harmful substances or pungent smells upon heating. This makes your vaping experience exceptional.

The use of water in the Atman Nereus makes it safe. This is because water is the most effective infiltration of impurities.

The kit includes the Atman Nereus, an Atman Stainless Steel Spoon, a cleaning brush tool and a USB charger. It is also accompanied by a one-year warranty.

Atman Nereus E-water pipe


Ease of Use


Time to Heat Up




Vaporizer Quality


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