The Starlight Vaporizer comes in a fashionable box style, which is Atman’s newest design of the portable vaporizer. It is ideal for box wax and dry herb owing to the advanced temperature controls present which vary from 320° to 500° F in 4 levels. It has a magnet filter which ensures you do not smoke any impurities.

This device comes in a stainless steel heating chamber and it is powered by a 2800 mAh lithium battery. This guarantees a fulfilling experience and performance by the device throughout the day. Its operation is simplified as it only comes with one power button. It also adds to the overall design.

Atman cares about the consumers’ preferences and that is why they are giving an option of ordering a customized vaporizer. However, each design comes for an extra $5 on the retail price. The maximum size you can ask of is 35x45mm. All you have to do is select the many designs available or even upload your preferred designs during the ordering.

The kit includes an Atman Starlight Portable Vaporizer, an extra heating chamber, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, a user manual, a gift box and an USB charger.

Atman Starlight Vaporizer


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