Benefits of Marijuana Vaporization


Are you a vaper or a toker? In slang terms, that means if you prefer vaporizing other than smoking. If you smoke marijuana, you probably tried every possible method known to man by now. You may as well be rolling a joint at the time you’re reading this article. Or you prefer a casual pipe that you just fill with your favorite strain and toke away. Who knows, you might even go the distance and fill up that gigantic water bong that you have hidden behind your closet. Or maybe you’re a foodie and make marijuana butter and just spread that shit all over the place.

Vaporizing vs. Smoking

Whatever the case may be, it is a well-known fact that vaporizing is a far healthier option than smoking. Sure, there were times when doctors promoted smoking tobacco as well, but if you had to chose between two evils, at least make sure you choose the lesser one. The lesser one is the vaporizer and today doctors swear by it being the ideal method of marijuana consumption. Israel even took it one step further and placed marijuana vaporizers into hospitals and elderly homes. In Canada and EU, one of the most popular vaporizers is the Volcano Medic Vaporizer.


Now, of course there is a science behind it. Doctors wouldn’t go on and on promoting a method that has no benefits whatsoever to the patients. Their strongest argument is the effect that vaporizing has on lungs. Even though doctors have been doubtful of effects marijuana has on people, they still believe that vaporizing is a healthier option, regardless of the fact that inhaling any smoke still has a damaging effect to your lungs.


Pulmonary Symptoms


For instance, it was never proven that marijuana causes lung cancer but the same can’t be said about tobacco. On the other hand, marijuana isn’t exactly disease free because, upon combustion, it still produces carcinogens and tars and that can eventually lad to lung irritation and chronic bronchitis, usually accompanied by phlegm discharge, coughing and chest pain. This is why vaporizers were manufactured in the first place. The manufacturers wanted people to get the same amount of kick but with almost no harmful side effects. Vaporizers eliminate 95% of inhaled smoke and we think that’s amazing. However, that’s not all. It has been suggested that vaporizers actually increase the amount of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that serve as protection from lung irritation.


Toxin Elimination


Vaporizing really takes the best out of your herb and disregards the maximum amount of harmful toxins. For instance, a study was conducted by California NORML and concluded that when you smoke a joint, less than 25% of THC gets converted. That means you basically throw away 75% of your THC buzz. Vaporizing, on the other hand, converts up to 46% of THC. Its still not perfect but its much more economic than a joint. Most people still think it’s the other way around but this study proves them wrong. That’s why vaporizers are so expensive but judging by their benefits, the benefits certainly outweigh the price.

In terms of side effects, patients have the final word on that one. In a patient study, it was concluded that patients preferred vaporizing to smoking because vaporizing provided them with a clear headed high and that’s because no tobacco was inhaled during the process. Of course, everything depends on the fact whether you are a newbie smoker or an experiences cannabis users. Vaporizers may not be the most comfortable or ideal solutions for everyone but they are definitely a much healthier option than smoking.

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