This vaporizer is uniquely built making sure it offers a superb vaping experience. It comes with leak-proof filtration system that aims at cooling and soothing your vapours. An integrated oven stir tool ensures that your content is evenly vaporized. The company, cloudious9 uses premium materials for this device. For instance, it has an aluminium touch that resists rust. We also have a porcelain oven that is integrated with the borosilicate glass. It, therefore, produces a rich vapour at all times.

In using the Hydrology9, you should remove the stir tool, load your material ensuring you do not pass the top line, replace the stir tool, unscrew the mouth piece and then fill the reservoir half way through the top portion. Enjoy your content. Always ensure that all parts are tightened.

For the sake of maintenance, this vaporizer comes in pieces. You should simply unscrew all parts, then clean the non-electric parts with isopropyl alcohol. Rinse the parts with water to get rid of the alcohol traces. Then allow the parts to dry completely. A point worth noting is that you should never bring the oven portion near wet conditions.


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