Ranking high in affordability and its performance, the Boundless CF vaporizer has become a huge hit especially to people who are new to the vaping community. Created by Boundless Technologies, this hybrid conduction/convection vape has provided nothing but good results between its power, performance and unbeatable price.

Manufacturing Qualities/ Features.

This device, for its price is of a high quality. The rubberized finish on this vape improves grip, however because it is made of mostly plastic it is susceptible to breaking or chipping easier should you drop it. It is still highly portable and quite easy to conceal but is quite bulky compared to other more portable vaporizers but is none the less pocketable and gives you discretion wherever you go.

Image: The Boundless CF Vaporizer

The Boundless CF is a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer meaning you get a more even vape, intense flavors and high vapor quality. It has 5 heating settings which caters for most people’s vaporizing needs especially those new to the vaping community. However, should you want more advanced temperature ranges the Boundless CFX vaporizer would be the vape for you. The Boundless vaporizer CF heats up in a matter of seconds, meaning you can vape discreetly on the go.

Image: The Boundless CFX & CF Vaporizer

For its price and size the Boundless CF Vaporizer is relatively good. It has a non-replaceable battery that can be charged using a USB cable which is provided.  Should you need to charge it while on the go I would recommend bringing an external battery pack.

When used at lower temperatures the Boundless CF produces a thin, but flavor packed vape. When used at higher temperatures it does lose some of its flavor but produces some impressive clouds. None the less the Boundless CF is incredibly easy use with impressive results.

How Does the Boundless CF Work?

The Boundless CF is incredibly easy to use, making it a favorite for new users. To fill the unit, you simply twist the mouthpiece to remove it and give you access to the heating chamber. From there its plain sailing, you pack the chamber with your desired herbs, reattach the mouthpiece and click on the power button 5 times to begin the heating process to your desired temperature. Once the light turns solid it means you are ready to begin your vaping experience. This device has an automatic shut off time after 10 minutes of use. To continue your vaping experience after the ten minutes, simply repeat the process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Boundless CF is incredibly easy to clean. It is advised you brush out the chamber after each session to maintain its high-quality experience it is advised you use ISO on a Q-tip to swab out the chamber after 10-15 sessions. The mouthpiece can simply be cleaned using soap and water.

Overall the Boundless CF is one of the bestselling portable vaporizers in its price range. It is consistent and delivers quality results that both the professional and those who are new to the vaping community can enjoy. It is highly portable that maintains its quality use after use.


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