Can Vaporizing Help You Quit Smoking?



There are myriad advantages to vaporizing over smoking; there is nothing new about that. Vapor contains fewer carcinogens, the vapor is far less harsh on the lungs and the overall effect is sometimes the same if not even better. That is completely true in consumption of marijuana. However, vaporizers have also been known to reduce that nasty habit – tobacco smoking. How? Well, most e-juices and e-liquids also have certain levels of nicotine in them. For instance, if you really want to kick the habit, you can start with liquid oil that contains 24mg of nicotine and yet is vanilla flavored. From then on, you can continue to buy e-juices that have even less nicotine in them. 

Once you get to the point where you’re downing e-juices with 12mg of tobacco, it is safe to stay that you are on the path of kicking your nicotine habit once and for all. The vaporizer has helped thousands of people to quit smoking because it keeps the ritual but removes the carcinogens. Most smokers don’t know what to do with their hands once they stop smoking. Vaporizing still makes you load your vaporizer, grind those blends or pour in essential oils, close the vaporizer and then continue dragging. There is still a process to it that makes you feel like an active smoker. And that is the important part, where you start to live healthier without even realizing it.

Soon, you will find yourself vaporizing a cherry flavored blend of e-juice that has less than 6mg of nicotine. However, it is essential to scout your e-liquid suppliers with absolute caution because not all of them honor the natural extraction process that is essential in obtaining high quality e-liquids. A lot of manufacturers of essential oils, e-liquids and e-juices use chemical that are nowhere near being FDA approved and have even more carcinogens than actual cigarettes. That is why it is always best to shell out a few extra dollars for high quality e-liquids, rather than damaging your lungs for good. 

Once you drop down to flavored e-liquids that contain 0mg of tobacco, it is safe to say that you kicked your tobacco habit and all you’re doing now is enjoying some flavored vapor. Quitting tobacco usually comes in stages and vaporizing is pretty much the best method to gradually achieve your goal and remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

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