Cannabis and covid: how can it help?

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It is about 2 years now since covid struck the whole world and destroyed economies. More than the economy, it has destroyed the health of individuals. People have suffered a lot of pain and have faced a lot of mental stress by losing their loved ones. With so much going on around the world, people have been looking for ways in which they can protect themselves. Many have started opting for home remedies that can prevent them from the effects of coronavirus. Every day new companies are coming up with remedies which people can use to prevent themselves from getting affected by covid. People are actually doing anything and everything that can prevent any further health issues during this period.

Cannabis, in a recent study, has shown a lot of potential in combating coronavirus and has been in the public eye since then. The medicinal and therapeutic effects it has are known to everyone and have always piqued the interest of researchers in finding better solutions with the use of Cannabis as an ingredient. But a lot of studies have been going on during the pandemic to overcome the damaging effects of this virus. During the study, it was found by some researchers; Cannabis has shown a lot of potential in fighting the virus. The popularity of Cannabis has been rising again since the research has been done.

Is Cannabis helpful?

It is really impressive to see the different healing capabilities Cannabis has to offer. Another charm in this capability has been added since the study was done. There are many who might be wondering if Cannabis has anything to do with the prevention of covid-19; if so, then how it can be done. For those people who are looking for answers, the study offers them a lot of relief. There has been a sudden increase in demand for Cannabis-based products like the space candy strain, gangster kush strain. Even edibles like the nerds rope thc, the delta 8 cookies have seen a sudden surge in demand.

Covid has been very damaging throughout the period it was active. People have suffered a lot of pain and anxiety while going through a lot of struggles. In such times, people were looking for some good news that could pull them from the brink of collapse. All the research has made a lot of progress in the past two years in bringing out medicines and safety measures to save the people already suffering, but very few results came out in finding preventive medicines and drugs. Hence there is still a lot of research going on in bringing out some more preventive measures to avoid harmful effects of covid.

Amongst all of this research and studies going on, studies on Cannabis resulted in relief. Cannabis users have found solace in the results that showed how Cannabis could be used in fighting the covid-19 virus. The study came out recently but with relaxing news. The January edition of the journal talked about the relieving effects on patients suffering from covid-19.

How does it help?

Have you ever heard of the “cytokines storm”?If yes, then you know how much pressure it puts on the lungs of the patient. If you don’t know about it, then you can understand that there are a lot of aspects that get affected when people are suffering from covid-19. One of the most commonly affected organs is the Lungs. Patients who have come in contact with the virus and have been suffering from covid-19 experience a lot of distress and severe acute respiratory problems. This is very challenging and painful for the patient.

A person suffering from covid-19 normally forms scar tissue in the lungs, making it difficult for them to breathe normally. This condition is known as lung fibrosis which is very common among people suffering from this disease. When suffering from covid, There is a condition where pro-inflammatory cytokines see a sudden rise. When this happens to the person, the condition is known as cytokines Storm. Often it is seen that lung fibrosis succeeds in this condition. The cytokines discussed here are a protein and often seen in excess under this condition. You will also find a lot of inflammation in this organ, which makes it very painful for the patient to breathe normally.

The research made by experts was with Cannabis and its effect on these problems. It was found that Sativa dominant Cannabis affects these cytokines by reducing them and thereby helping with the inflammation. In order to reduce inflammation, the cytokines need to be kept in check. Thankfully, the research was done on the cytokines, and it was found out that Cannabis does help in keeping the cytokines in check, thereby reducing inflammation and improving ease in breathing.

There are also claims that Cannabis consumption makes it difficult for the covid-19 virus to penetrate into the body cells, thereby helping an individual to have an immunity against the disease. The hype for this research has piqued the interest of Cannabis users, and people have started using Cannabis products on a regular basis to avoid any covid related issues. Certain strains like the Harlequin strain, Rainbow kush strain have seen tremendous growth in their sales this month.

Other covid 19 related areas where Cannabis can be of help.

You would already agree that there is not one, but many issues that the person suffering from covid-19 has to face. Many issues are treatable by medicines, but there are also many issues that arise that cannot be treated with medicines. Some of these problems need to be borne by the patients, while some take a long time and get better only after the individual goes for regular therapies. Issues that cannot be treated with the help of medicine completely as they have some painful side effects that are unbearable can be reduced with the help of Cannabis.


Many people who have been affected by covid-19 at least once know that the side effects are not limited to just your lungs, but it carries on to affect many other aspects of an individual. For instance, stamina is one aspect that is affected most even after the complete recovery of an individual. People have claimed to lose their stamina of working as they used to prior to getting affected by covid. Getting your stamina back cannot be a very easy task after being hit by covid. It can be very frustrating, and a lot more effort would go this time in getting your stamina back on track. But there is one factor that you might want to try if you are working towards building up your stamina. Using Cannabis is already known for its effects in building up stamina. Regular consumption of Cannabis-based products can help individuals in building up their stamina and get to the level where there were before getting affected.


There are many medicines that are prescribed by doctors while suffering from covid-19. Many medicines work on the affected organs but cannot always reduce inflammation and pain. Sometimes the pain and inflammation are so intense that consuming painkillers can also not help with this pain. They might make the pain bearable for some time, but as soon as the effect of medicine goes away, the pain will also return. It is also not possible to depend completely on pain killers As they have their own side effects and can also be taken only after a certain period of time. For instance, if a painkiller needs to be taken only after 3 to 4 hours while the pain returns in an hour, the patient has to suffer for half of the time. There is another way in which the pain can be reduced, and inflammation can be cured. You can always expect good results from Cannabis. Cannabis is already known for its pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing effects. So when a person is suffering from the side effects and pain, they can always use Cannabis-based products like the sour space Candy or the nerd rope thc.


Anxiety is something any person can suffer from, and if they have suffered from covid, this is something that people often get affected by. Caregivers prescribe many medicines, but not all of them are very effective. There still can be some side effects. Using Cannabis can help you with this. It is already known To help people with anxiety and stress disorders. So if someone is suffering from anxiety due to covid and is unable to get help from the medicines, they can always try Cannabis-based products to curb their anxiety and get help with relaxation.

Final thoughts-

Finally, you can say that Cannabis is helpful with the side effects of covid as per the study. Doctors have been working hard to make things much easier for the patients. After the new research has come out, patients can definitely ask their caregivers to prescribe a base if they want to get help with some of the side effects of this disease.

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