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We’ve all been there. You’re at an airport and you realize you have a vaporizer on you. There’s no weed in it but there has to be some residue left over from your vaporizing moments. You ask yourself: will I make it? This has been a burning question for pretty much any marijuana enthusiast out there. Is it OK to carry that shit with me? Will I get arrested? Will anybody fine me? What’s the deal? Well, for the sake of argument, let’s say you are flying out to Denver, Colorado. Your intentions are obvious, you want to get stoned and then go back home. Arriving to Denver shouldn’t be a problem since your vaporizer doesn’t have any residue in it. Plus, keep in mind that while you’re in Colorado, don’t smoke in public, it really isn’t recommended and you’ll look like an idiot.

Landing & Taking Off

So you land in Denver, hit the shops, buy the weed, get stoned beyond your wildest dreams and continue to do so for the next week or so. Then it is time to go home, you’re all paranoid, sweating like a maniac at the airport, freaking out over residue in your mega expensive vaporizer that you just couldn’t throw away. First of all, relax. Second of all, don’t carry any weed with you to the airport. That is an airport rule, not a law, regardless of the fact that the airport is located in Denver. However, if you do get caught with less than one ounce of weed, you will probably get fined, the police will be alerted but you will not get arrested.

TSA and the FAA

For instance, during last year, TSA stopped people for weed possession more than 25 times. In every case, they just discarded the weed before their flight; no fines and no arrests were made. In terms of carrying vaporizers, the FAA has this to say:

These devices are battery powered and have a heating element that vaporizes liquid (that may or may not contain nicotine). Though not specifically prohibited in checked baggage by US or international regulations, the FAA strongly recommends that these devices only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Please also check your airline’s policy as they may place additional restrictions on these devices.

Maybe if you’re so freaked out about carrying a vaporizer it would be best to rent one out? Or maybe, for the sake of not getting into trouble, just clean your own really well and the chances of you getting caught because somebody smelled some weed on you are really slim to none.

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