For many years weed smokers have sworn by smoking marijuana as a way of feeling good, due to the psychedelic effects they would experience, from the high levels of THC. People who are looking for that feeling and that type of experience, benefit from smoking weed and may not have realized all of the included health benefits. Those who have disabilities, disorders, and chronic pain, have also used smoking weed to reap those health benefits. Smoking weed with high levels of THC, however, isn’t the only way to reap the many health benefits and find pain relief in cannabis. CBD flowers have become an outlet for those health benefits and are now in high demand.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD Flowers are basically cannabis flowers that are high in CBD but low in THC. The CBD level is normally over 15% and the THC level is under 0.3%. This makes CBD flowers legal due to not having higher levels of THC. When people smoke weed and get that “high” feeling, it is caused by THC. When you lower the amount of the THC, you remove the psychedelic effects and are left with all of the health benefits. These health benefits include reducing inflammation, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, etc.

When using CBD flower for the first time, it is wise to start with a small dose and work your way up. Everyone’s body handles things differently so what may be the perfect dose for you, may not be the perfect dose for the next person. When your body has the chance to find the right dose you require, you can reap the relaxing and health benefits you seek, without the fear/feeling of being high.

Which Is Better CBD Flower Or Smoking Weed?

The choice will depend on what your personal need is. Smoking weed will give you all of the health benefits of cannabis but with a “high” feeling. This is a feeling that some want to achieve because it takes them away and really relaxes them. CBD Flower, on the other hand, consists of strains with lower levels of THC and won’t technically get you “high”. It will smell, look, smoke, and taste the same as smoking regular weed but it won’t have the same reaction. You will get the pain relief you want and won’t have to deal with any psychedelic effects. This is great for people who tend to get tired when smoking weed because, without the higher levels of THC, a person can still be productive and be able to go about their regular day, as usual.

In the end, smoking weed with the higher THC levels may be what some users want and using CBD Flowers that have lower levels of THC, maybe what others desire. The bottom line is smoking weed is illegal in some of the states and unless you have a chronic illness, you can’t just go out and “buy/receive” medical marijuana. CBD Flower, on the other hand, is a product that is considered to be hemp because of the low levels of THC, making it legal to buy. This can be purchased locally and even online, without any problems. To be safe and not have to deal with any possible dealings with the law, CBD is the way to go.

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