There are approximately 390,900 plants around the world that are currently known to scientists. Up to now, cannabis is thought to be one of the only plants that produces medicinal compounds called cannabinoids. After an extensive amount of research, it has been uncovered that the chemicals from these plants may be one of the most useful and beneficial medicines throughout human history. Even now, scientists are still showing a massive amount of interest into one specific cannabis chemical, known as cannabidiol, also known as CBD for short. Not only does CBD seem to be beneficial in terms of overall health, but for some people, CBD seems to be an actual lifesaver.

There is evidence that suggests cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world, however, the type of cannabis that our ancestors cultivated was not the same as the THC induced plant that is frequently grown today. Instead, the plants they cultivated were more similar to the hemp plant that people extract CBD from today. Hemp and cannabis come from the same plant, but the difference is that they are derived from different variations of the plant. Cannabis comes from the part of the plant that is high in THC levels, which results in the psychoactivity that gets people “high”. Meanwhile CBD is derived from the part of the hemp plant with high rich levels of CBD, which results in being able to get the medicinal effects without having to get “high” from it.  

Where to Buy CBD Oil


There have been many cases of children who suffer from epilepsy that have switched over from pharmaceutical drugs to using CBD products such as CBD Oils and have claimed that their seizures have seemed to improve dramatically. Many pharmaceutical drugs unfortunately do not have the desired benefits of decreasing seizures, and they usually have many unwanted side effects. CBD on the other hand, seems to be decreasing people’s seizures and has seemingly no known side effects.

CBD Oil Vaping Alternatives

For those who have children with related issues and do not feel comfortable with feeding them products such as tinctures or drops, rest assured that there are different number of doses as well as strength, and that there are also alternatives; instead of using tinctures, products such as edible chews, which come in flavors such as strawberry, could be a solution in terms of being more kid friendly as well as easy to consume. There are also topical creams, which have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation if one is uncomfortable with consuming oils or edibles.

Besides aiding in reducing the severity of issues such as seizures, CBD has also been proven to help people with nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and so forth.

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