CBD has become the inescapable health trend of 2019. You can find it at virtually every health food store and health supplement chain. You can even find it in gas stations and convenience stores – and in most of the places where you’ll find CBD for sale, the form of CBD offered is an oral tincture that you hold under your tongue and then swallow. CBD tinctures are popular because they’re affordable and have excellent bioavailability. If you want to try CBD in a way that gets the most possible CBD into your body as quickly as possible, though, oral CBD oil isn’t your best bet. For the maximum possible bioavailability, you need to try vaping CBD. Here’s why.

What Is Vaping CBD?

Companies like Crescent Canna offer CBD for vaping in two common forms. The first form is a CBD vape oil that you can add to the tank of a vape pen, and the second form is a pre-filled cartridge that connects directly to most small vape pens and eliminates the need to use a refillable tank. If you’ve never tried CBD vaping before, it’s probably best to start with an inexpensive vape pen and some pre-filled cartridges before you invest in a more expensive refillable tank. Learn how to find a reliable CBD seller.

What Happens When You Vape CBD?

When you vape CBD, you use a device that heats a CBD-infused liquid until it turns to vapor. When you inhale the vapor, the compound enters your bloodstream through the complex network of blood vessels in your lungs. Vaping CBD has two benefits. The first is that the lungs offer a direct path into your bloodstream. If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, you probably felt the nicotine rush almost instantly. The same thing happens when you inhale CBD; you’ll experience the relief immediately. We’ll explain the second benefit next.

Vaped CBD Has Higher Bioavailability

The term “bioavailability” refers to the amount of a compound that your body uses when you consume that compound. Inevitably, some portion of the compound will never actually reach your system. When you consume CBD orally, your body uses about 13-19 percent of the CBD. The rest is metabolized by your liver before it reaches your bloodstream. When you inhale CBD, on the other hand, your body absorbs about 31 percent of the compound because the CBD skips the first-pass metabolism of the liver. When you vape CBD, you don’t just get it into your system more quickly. Your body actually uses more of the CBD, and that means you can use less CBD to get the same effect that you would get with oral CBD oil.

Why Do People Vape CBD?

When you use an oral product such as CBD oil, it takes a while to get the CBD into your system. The benefit, though, is that the CBD remains in your system for a while. People who prefer oral CBD products generally have that preference because they want to maintain steady CBD levels throughout the day. When you vape CBD, on the other hand, it gets into your system quickly and also leaves your system relatively quickly. People who prefer vaping CBD generally have that preference because they use CBD to combat sudden attacks and flare-ups. If you have any condition that makes you want to get CBD into your system as quickly as possible, vaping CBD is the only logical choice.

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