Since in California there has been the legalization of the pot month, it has brought with it so many creativity as the marijuana startups have been flowing off and they are coming up with new ideas. High there! Is one of the so many animals? That is used to describe the social networking that will promote all the marijuana users, and it will help them be enthusiasts when they meet in a more friendly and nonjudgmental way. The folks that will be found at High There, based in Florida, they have a very significant start as the pot is made legal in the Golden State. Below is what they did:

So that we will be able to better and understand the California marijuana consumers, they have parsed the user data out in cities,” said Darren Roberts who is the co-founder of the group. There has been geographical data that has been showing the preference that the pot users prefer in so many parts of California. The information is collected when the pot user’s sign in the High There, and the cities in California are twelve which have the most participating users.

Robert went ahead to explain “that when the users signed up, they were asked if they would mention some of the favorite activities and they were given a chance to choose as many as they would. Because of that, the data that has emerged across the cities have been so clear. The pattern that was noticed is that so many people loved music, food, and the television when they are high. It didn’t make any difference even when the users were asked if they would choose some specific preferences, as in if they would dab over smoking, the patterns remained the same. To differentiate what made the cities different from each other, we took a look at the data that was received from the perceptive of the activities that were found in the cities.

For those people that don’t understand what dab means, it’s one of the methods that can be used to inhale the concentrated dose of marijuana that is heated on a very hot place, usually what will be used is the nail and then a person will use the dab rig to inhale. Roberts writes that the business that he owns in bringing together people that love the pot, that’s why they make it paramount that they know the users too. The High There primary purpose is that they will be able to know some of the preferences the users have, social goal and what is their favorite to consume marijuana so that they will be matched with others that have the common interests.

After the California historic legalization has taken its effect, so everyone is curious on what moves the marijuana lovers. Some of the curiosity is what kind of social connection are they going to make, the new things they want to try with friends, how they will be inhaling the marijuana together and so on. So that Robert would get all the information, he started the High There that got the information based on different age groups, gender and the region the consumer lived. Below are some of the takeaways.

  • That has not been any clear preference that states the ingestion method that is commonly used in California. The one that ranked the highest is smoking among the California user and for those that had specific preferences said that they were okay with everything.
  • In Los Angeles country area the method that was commonly used is vaping, with the use of the electronic cigarette or any device that was similar. While in Sacramento smoking the marijuana was the common one.
  • In Sacramento, the edibles were the most common thou they were common on which once.
  • For men and woman that were in the age of 44 they preferred vaping, it made so much sense, because it has the reputation of being one of the healthier options.

“The marijuana culture is common in so many cities and that is sharing and socializing when using marijuana,” said Robert. He added that they were so much interested in knowing the kind of interaction the users were expecting from their services. The most common services in all the cities included;

  • Chatting being the one that was mostly selected example being the Bakersfield that had 42.26%.
  • Staying in while they were high was only 22.2% overall, but it’s was the one that was more popularly used compared to going out which had 16.5% overall. This proved that most marijuana consumers are more comfortable if they can consume out of the public view. For example, in San Francisco, those that were interested in going out and staying in were 22.08% and 28.8% respectively.
  • Overall the most common activities were the Food and Music. After that, Californians like to go out and get to enjoy the state that they are in and participate in some of the exceptional opportunities. Like they will enjoy an outdoor bonfire on the beach, is that’s not possible then they will watch a movie.

Finally, below are some of the additional thoughts that Roberts wanted to share with the people that they discovered in the survey too.

Watching the TV or movie, was the one that was popular than going outside among the Angelinos when the percentage was compared, but it made a lot of sense. There are so many places that they are great to visit that are within a driving distance of LA, it being the cinema capital of the world it has so many breathtaking outdoor places. In other cases, some of the preferences that were chosen by other cities they were so common. San Francisco was one place that shows vaping though that seemed so natural. The reason being the community early adoption of the c-cigs. Since they are doing the same when it comes to tobacco, it will not be a difference when it comes to marijuana.

The reason why the Irvine’s had the most preferences when it came to outdoor is that they have great beaches and some beautiful places for hiking. Considering the demographics, the people that mostly responded are the men. However, there was a difference in Bakersfield and Fresno because it showed the highest female participates, which had 25.2% and 26.7% respectively. Regarding age, the majority number of the respondents were the millennial, although all age groups were represented.

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