No two dispensaries are the same. Well, they all stock marijuana, but the differences are many. Just as two companies operating in the same industry will differ in terms of services and products, so will dispensaries.

Whereas one could be known for quality products, another may be more committed to customer satisfaction. Neither of this is wrong; however, what you are precisely looking for is a marijuana dispensary which focuses on both customer satisfaction and product quality. Neither of these is a bad goal for the dispensaries, but what you’re looking for is a dispensary that focuses on both quality and customer satisfaction. Check out Las Vegas dispensary  for example.

With that said; here are other key factors you should consider before choosing a dispensary to visit:

Dispensary location

What’s better than a dispensary located in a convenient location? There’s nothing tedious than spending time driving across a hectic town trying to look for something you truly need. A dispensary near your residence would be more ideal. Additionally, a good marijuana dispensary should be in a neighborhood where you feel comfortable visiting. 

It’s good to note, though unlikely, bigger, more noticeable marijuana dispensaries could attract more clients, but also unnecessary attention from criminals and law enforcement. Smaller, faceless shops usually don’t have this problem.

 All said and done, keep in mind, you are the customer and location matters a lot; make it easy on yourself!

Product Selection

Most marijuana users have a favorite concentrate, strain, or edible brand; so, why visit a dispensary which doesn’t unfailingly stock your favorite products? You shouldn’t purchase something you find unpleasant just because your favorite product is out of stock. 

Only a dispensary that consistently stocks your preferred strain is worth your time, body, and taste buds.


Even with a medical card, marijuana can be quite expensive. Therefore, do your research well and find a dispensary that stocks quality but affordable products.

Also, remember, prices aren’t fixed, so don’t be afraid to bargain. Make the budtenders appreciate the fact that you will be a regular consumer; and possibly, they will help you find a quality product within your price range.

Rewards programs

Does the dispensary you are planning to visit have a rewards program? A good number of dispensaries have them. Though not a must, dispensaries should have a way of rewarding customers who frequent or buy from them regularly.   

For instance, every time customers shops products worth more than $50 they get a stamp, and when they accrue 10 stamps they can be rewarded accordingly. Alternatively, some dispensaries might have a prize wheel that customers spin to win prizes (small edibles, dabs, house pre-rolls).  

As you can see, if you capitalize on some of these rewards, you can eventually make noteworthy savings.

Health and Safety

Everything about a marijuana dispensary should feel excellent and scream cleanliness. Having an appealing and clean storefront and waiting room is not only ethical, but also a reflection of the marijuana being sold, the staff, and the dispensary’s overall quality.

First, as part of the requirements, health and safety certificates should be clearly displayed where everyone entering the dispensary can see.

Secondly, if you find customers or staff consuming marijuana within the precincts of the dispensary, move out —this isn’t only prohibited, it’s also unhygienic and unprofessional.

Lastly, if a dispensary avoids questions about how they get their weed and what chemicals and solvents are used, walk away.

Customers have every right to understand what they are buying or consuming.

Knowledgeable Staff

The dispensary’s staff should be knowledgeable, patient, and welcoming. As soon as you enter the dispensary premises, they should show a genuine interest in your well-being. More so, they should be able to discuss the dispensary’s values, cannabis growing methods, the existing cannabis laws, new products, and strains, with ease.

If you ever find the staff at the dispensary emphasizing more on sales rather than finding you the strain you need, take your business elsewhere.

As a consumer, and patient for that matter, your concerns and questions are always valid, and you deserve to be served by knowledgeable staff.

Final Thoughts

You deserve an easy, rewarding, and memorable experience at your preferred dispensary every time you visit. Make sure you take into account the above factors.



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