Consumable “tools” to overcome a creative block

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It is that feeling that you have run out of ideas, that you are unable to produce any kind of original work, or that you cannot access your own creativity. The so-called creative block; affects all those who carry out or carry out creative work. Painters, photographers, writers, architects and the list goes on.

Natural foods, drinks, or herbs as a supplement to enhance creativity

Did you know that there are foods and some natural herbs that help you stimulate and enhance our creativity and avoid creative block syndrome? In the following paragraph, we will mention some elements or “tools” that can serve to empower the mind when it comes to creative work.

Cannabis: The power, increased creativity and imagination, is closely related to the interference of the hormone released by the brain, known as dopamine, this important hormone works as an activator of clarity of thought, maintaining relaxation and avoiding stress. This hormone is the reason why the components of cannabis such as CBD, calm and relax by releasing this hormone, which leads to better ideas and the vitality necessary to carry it out.

Chocolate: One of the most famous foods to develop our creativity is chocolate, mainly because of the many benefits it brings to our health, but also… because of how tasty it is!

Chocolate contains two solid chemical components of cocoa, tryptophan and alkaloids that produce feelings of happiness and euphoria, which makes us happier, more energetic and alert. Likewise, it emerges as an important element to combat lack of sleep and elimination of free radicals to delay ageing.

Alcohol: Although it may seem somewhat contradictory to seeing alcohol on this list, however, since there are numerous studies that speak of the benefits of consuming wine or another low-grade alcoholic beverage, it can cause relaxation and temporary well-being, it can also serve as a complement to improve creativity, yes, it is necessary to make it very clear: in a moderate way!

According to well-documented studies that have been carried out in recent years, alcohol in low amounts improves brain function and prevents dementia, since due to the antioxidants present in its composition, it reduces inflammation, prevents the arteries from hardening and makes clotting difficult, which translates into the better blood flow.

Nuts: Nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, contain a lot of vitamin E, which is responsible for delaying cognitive decline, as the American Journal of Epidemiology has stated.

In this case, the seed of walnuts has a high content of omega 3 oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids that improve the performance of the circulation and therefore of the brain. On the other hand, cashews and sunflower seeds contain amino acids that reduce stress by increasing serotonin levels.

Therefore, we recommend that you should not hold yourself and take a small snack of nuts every day, as it can contribute to a better mental capacity, reduce insomnia and improve memory, thus facilitating the development of creativity.

Olive oil: We’re sure you will be happy to read this, but you shouldn’t go overboard either, as a daily teaspoon is enough. Olive oil is one of the best fats for cooking as it is made up of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3.

The truth is that our body does not secrete these types of acids naturally and we must include them in our diet, it might help us not only to develop better creativity but also can change our health in many positive ways if we don’t abuse its consumption.

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