Storz & Bickel need no introduction. They’ve been amongst the leaders in the vaping technology since 1996. With the launch of their first vaporizer back in the year 1999, the Volcano, they quickly turned the market in the US around vaping.

In the year 2014, they introduced one of their most functional portable vaporizer- the Crafty. This vaporizer was focused on dry-herb vaping experience. And now, it’s been around 6 years of its introduction into the market, and still, it rules within the dry-herb vaping domain.

With the near introduction of the year 2020, they’ve also introduced new changes to the crafty. And now, it has become crafty+ vaporizer.

So, what’s different this time?

Let’s find out…

Functional Design

The Storz & Bickel’s Crafty+ puts performance above style. The body is made out of hard plastic and features fins to help dissipate excess heat. The fins are now more curved around the body, to fit in ergonomically. The result- it does not get too hot when in use. Moreover, it features a swiveling mouthpiece that can be folded away when not in use.

The Crafty+ can be paired with a smartphone app to control temperature settings between 1040 F and 4100 F. The app also allows you to monitor the battery level and find your Crafty+, in case you misplace it. With the touch of a button, the device starts to flash its light and vibrate. Since it is meant for portable vaping experience, the device is designed to be as discreet as possible. Therefore, allowing you to enjoy your top-shelf dry herbs sessions anywhere, anytime.

Sturdy Build

You don’t need to be worried about burning plastic or inhaling carcinogens at all. The Crafty+ is made out of medical-grade steel and aluminum which is often used in surgical implants. Moreover, the hard plastic body also ensures that it is highly durable, which is surely a feature all portable vaporizers are expected to come with.

It’s not just the outer housing, the Crafty+ now comes with better firmware and onboard features as well. All of these changes further improve the durability of S&B Crafty+ allowing you to take it along on your long day trips or off-grid camping hikes. The battery provides you with a 40-minute vaping session on a single charge, which is a decent improvement over the original Crafty’s usage time.

Vape Performance

The Storz & Bickel have already pushed the limits of electronic gadgets when they introduced Crafty+. Featuring a decent design and high power battery, it allows for quick hits almost anytime. But, the real deal is the quality of vapors it produces.

The Crafty+ now features a third preset temp mode, called the super boost. This allows for quick heating of the dry herbs, thus producing denser and more potent clouds of vapors. Once, switched on, it takes about a minute to heat up, which is once again pretty decent for a portable dry herb vaporizer. In addition to this, the mouthpiece offers almost zero draw resistance, which makes the vapor clouds richer in flavor.

Crafty+ has improved a lot over its predecessor, the crafty- in terms of functionality, battery performance, and overall aesthetics. And all of this enhanced premiumness is available at the same price as that of the Crafty.

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