From Storz & Bickel (the manufacturers of Volcano and Plenty vaporizers), comes the Crafty vaporizer. From the way it works, it’s clear to say that all the superior qualities of previous Storz & Bickel products are integrated into this small, ergonomically designed, portable vaporizer.   

But what makes the Crafty vaporizer remarkable?

Let’s explore what makes the Crafty such an excellent vaporizer.

  1. Manufacturing quality

The Crafty vaporizer is made from a tough, black plastic shell. Honestly, the unit doesn’t offer much in terms of aesthetic pleasantries; however, what it lacks in appearance, it makes up for in function.

It boasts of a large heating chamber, just like any other Storz and Bickel product. The grating all around it does a great job of dissipating heat while still successfully keeping the vaporizer comfortable to hold.

  1. Seriously crafty heating

What heating system should you prefer when purchasing a new vaporizer? If you are new to vaping, there are two kinds of heating: conduction and convection.

With conduction heating, there is usually a direct contact heating of the vaping material which can lead to some serious clouds from your vape. On the other hand, when it comes to convection heating, your vaping material is evenly heated as a result of improved air circulation. Generally, results may vary but, vaporizers using the convection method guarantees, to some extent, more flavorful vapor.

A really great thing about the Crafty vaporizer is that you don’t have to worry anymore when it comes to choosing your heating preference since it caters to both methods – convention and conduction. Meaning, you can switch to your preferred method anytime you wish. And again, because of the vented design we earlier talked about, the vaporizer never gets uncomfortably hot.

  1. Ease of use

It is actually very simple to use and set up this vaporizer. Basically, it’s a unit that veteran vapers will cherish and that will also easily introduce novices to the world of quality vaping.

To load the herb into the vaporizer, just loosen the top part to access the herb chamber. Conveniently, this chamber holds around 0.25 grams of herb (or even more, if you are using finely grind herb). Unlike other vaping units, you don’t have to tightly pack the herb to get a perfect hit. You can still get excellent draws from the Crafty, even when half full!

  1. Turn it on!

Switching on your Crafty is also very easy. Once you have your heating chamber packed to your liking, just refasten the top piece and slowly hold down the power button for about two seconds.

The unit will vibrate as a way of notifying you it’s on. The LED lights will also light up. When the light on the front part of the unit turns green, it is a sign that the Crafty has reached the optimum temperature. Usually, the heat up time is approximately ninety seconds.

  1. Normal and Boost Mode

There are 2 temperature settings for this gadget: Boost and Normal. You can vape between ranges of 356℉ – 383℉, when on the normal setting. Alternatively, you can opt for the boost mode by pressing the power button twice. Usually, with boost mode, you can enjoy your vape at a higher temperature.

  1. Concentrates

Besides being a great dry herb vaporizer, this unit is also ideal in vaping concentrates. Surprisingly, there is a liquid pad which comes with it, and all that is needed is to place a small amount of wax on top of the liquid pad and load it inside the chamber. It’s that simple!

  1. Battery Life

The Crafty uses one rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery that lasts about 45 minutes. It takes about two hours to have it recharged.

Crafty’s short battery life is definitely not quite admirable; however, the good thing is that the vaporizer’s USB charging system lets you charge it virtually anywhere. You can as well buy an external battery pack that can easily recharge your gadget on the go.

  1. Smartphone App

The Crafty vaporizer has a dedicated Smartphone app. Yes, an app that allows you to control your vaporizer’s temperature settings remotely. This usually lets the user get the most out of his/her herb. 

When your vaporizer is in close range, you can effortlessly turn it on via the app. However, if you ever turn it on unintentionally, there is no need to be concerned since there is an automatic shutdown feature, which will shut it off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

In conclusion

Essentially, the Crafty offers you everything that you will ever need in a vaporizer. First, it can comfortably fit in your hands. Secondly, its performance is nearly second-to-none. Lastly but not the least, it guarantees amazing flavorful vapes.  

On top of all the superb features that the Crafty vaporizer offers, it also has a 2-year warranty. A veteran or a beginner, anyone would be happy to have this unit in their collection.


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