Do you appreciate the fine things that life has to offer and are willing to spend money to enjoy them? The DaVinci IQ2 has been designed for people like you. There is nothing visibly off as far as its design is concerned because the finishing looks stylish and the device feels great in the hand. Although the potency of the smoke is as strong as if you smoked it, the vapor produced by using the DaVinci IQ2 is gentle and comfortable. Whether you choose to set up your vaping session of the coffee table or in private, every hit is bound to impress. You can buy DaVinci IQ2 with a free grinder from Haze Smoke Shop at this URL:

Notable design features

  • The original IQ2 device which was introduced into the market in 2016 featured sandblasted aluminum on the exterior. This has been replaced by brushed aluminum in the latest version of the DaVinci IQ2. This modification makes the latest model a bit smoother than the last and provides it with a sure balance while in use.
  • There is a latch mechanism that facilitates the opening of a bottom and top flap on the device to reveal that which lies beneath. The bottom flap opens to an oven that has a funnel-shaped sink which ensure that herbs slide easily through. This oven feature that bears a cylinder shape is made out of ceramic and glass. The top flap covers a chamber that houses the battery, flavor chamber, and a tiny pick tool. Both the top and bottom latch lids easily pop to open and close due to their magnetic nature.
  • Zirconia Pearl – this feature is attached to the bottom lid. By reflecting heat right back into the roasting chamber, the herbs are cooked evenly. It is possible to reduce the size of the Zirconia Pearl if the intention is to make the oven proportionately smaller. This is not a good idea though unless it does not interfere with the smooth closing of the latch.
  • Flavor Chamber – as is in the earlier version of the IQ, the flavor chamber is an important feature whose role is to cool the vapor. Also a storage facility, this feature can be found right below the top lid. To open it, just pull it out and use the pick tool by its side. The space within can fit a session worth of herb – fill it to have the DaVinci IQ2 ready for the next session.
  • 5 levels adjustable airflow – this feature is located on the bottom side of the device. A new feature, the control dial offers airflow in up to 4 levels. Turning it will reveal a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 holes which alter the volume of air getting through. This action determines the quality of vapor drawn from the vaporizer. More air flowing through the oven means that the resultant vapor is cooler and less dense. If you are looking to get thicker vapor that is warmer, close the dial to reduce the amount of air flowing through.
  • LED Display – those who have seen the original IQ will notice that the LED display is similar to what the c features. The LED grid is quite small but large enough to display various settings. If the LED display is dim, it could mean that this vape device is on stealth mode.

Davinci IQ2How to use the Davinci IQ2

When it comes to enjoying the IQ2, users get a pleasant experience right from when they begin to load it.

  • Step 1: Upon opening the lid of the oven, the first splash of goodness is obtained from the gorgeous appearance of the pearl and loading dock. The ease with which your ground herbs will glide through to the oven is another interesting aspect of using the Davinci IQ2.
  • Step 2: If your ground herbs only fill the oven partly, twisting the pearl repeatedly will cause the spacer to take up the free space. You are now ready to draw but only after firing up the oven. Control how this happens by adjusting the air dial to your liking. Is it in the perfect setting? You can still enjoy the clicks even it means bringing it back to where it was.
  • Step 3: Turn on the vape device and stay put until you get the vibration alert. Taking in the draws calls for meditation. Be sure to stay relaxed over the entire session which lasts 8 minutes. Do you realize that you subconsciously fiddle with the IQ2 during the session? You are not alone, it just feels nice.

Overall performance and quality of vapor

Judging from the performance of the original IQ, it is safe to say that the IQ2 performs just as great. If the air dial is adjusted casually, the user begins to master the concept of controlling the amount of air burning their herb. The adjustable airflow feature is quite common in liquid vaporizer but it seems to work just as well in this dry herb vape device.

When it comes to preserving the quality of vapor, the IQ2 vaporizer leaves no room for wastage. The vapor drawn from the device is not only clean but also flavorful. The use of glass in the oven of the IQ2 instead of metal or plastic plays a major role in preserving the flavors. Are you a heavy hitter? The highest temperature setting of the IQ2 is 430F which is ideal for extracts. The recommended temperature for burning dry herbs is 420F.

Battery performance

You will have used the DaVinci IQ2 for between 6 to 8 sessions before it requires a power recharge. While that is perfectly alright, users have to bear with extended recharge periods lasting 3-6 hours

The IQ2 App

The IQ2 app has been on the market long enough to get perfected – having originally accompanied the first IQ version from 2016. Just before IQ2 was released, Apple banned all vaporizer apps from Apple Store. On the flip side, the IQ2 still boasts of an onboard dosing feature on its controls.


With the IQ2 reviewed by Haze Smoke Shop, the manufacturer has done a good job of correcting all the setbacks that existed with using the original IQ. While size might not have been a point of concern for the majority of users, it significantly improves the overall performance.

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