Hemp oil suitable for dogs derives from the seeds of the same group of plants consistent with marijuana. The difference in the two plants exists in the unique molecular compounds that make them up. While each contains cannabinoids beneficial for medicinal purposes and a psychoactive component for recreational purposes known as THC, the combination for each is different. In marijuana, the CBD component is lower, and the THC or psychoactive element used in drugs is higher. With hemp, the opposite is true.

With hemp oil coming from the seeds of the hemp plant, there is no THC, meaning there will be no harmful effects for your dog. The oil is a natural product that contains the ideal ratio of fatty acids essential to the body, such as Omega 6 and Omega 3, which a dog is incapable of producing. Pet owners prefer natural products over pharma drugs used in the medical industry for their dogs. Go to https://pethempcompany.com/ to check out some of the items on the market.

Advantages of Hemp Oil For Dogs

As a choice for a furry companion, the popular option is a dog. And pet owners go to great lengths to ensure optimal care for their pups to maintain health and increase the lifespan. The claim is that using hemp seed oil is an essential component for overall wellness, with it offering a multitude of advantages for canines.

  • A dog showing signs of restlessness could potentially be suffering from pain in the joints or another body part with the likelihood of an injury. A responsible pet parent is going to seek pain management for the animal using a treatment such as hemp oil, which boasts the ability to reduce inflammation and nerve-related pain. The fatty acids in hemp seeds tout to be capable of reducing arthritis pain, significantly making it a marked advantage for pups.
  • Hemp seed oil used for dogs’ skin allergies is increasing with anecdotal successes reported. Canine skin allergies are a problem of which many suffer, making it necessary to find solutions with long-lasting benefits. The drugs used over-the-counter tend to have several adverse effects on most animals. Humans using the natural hemp oil report reductions in inflammation in cases of atopic dermatitis, pruritic skin disease, and granulomas, leading the effort to try the product on pups.
  • The AVMA or American Veterinary Medical Association indicates that dogs that reach the age of 10 have a significant chance of developing cancer, which is the leading cause of death in the animal. A diet rich in fatty acids found in hemp seed oil has the potential of inhibiting cancerous tumor growth. A compound of this sort boasts as promoting the death of cancer cells. Click to learn about using oils for canines.
  • Significant amounts of weight on a pet are unhealthy in many ways, and no pet parent wants to see this happen to their dog. The GLA fatty acids are responsible for increasing the fat burning process in the body as well as boosting energy levels for the pup. Higher energy promotes activity and allows for better health in the canine. The components present in the hemp seeds note to release serotonin, which touts as giving a sense of fullness to the body allowing the pup to eat less, decreasing the chance for weight gain.
  • Anxiety is a real issue for all pets but can severely affect a dog, in turn, reducing its well-being. The stress can have ties to losing a close family member, changing its familiar routine, suffering from an accident. Hemp oil can bring an emotional balance for your dog with cannabis-based natural compounds becoming extremely popular in the treatment of anxiety for pets. They tout as a much safer option than the prescriptions that produce adverse side effects
  • For seizures and tremors suffered by pups, there are now hemp oil compounds boasting of reducing the disorders but also the impact they have when they happen. These are common among the canine family and are difficult for the pet parents. There are harsh prescriptions to assist with the disorders, but the side effects are powerful, including lethargy, drooling, the potential for liver effects, and other organs. Hemp oil touts to be a much safer, natural solution to these issues.

Using hemp oil for your dog is a personal choice but one needing the consultation along with the supervision of a professional vet who can assist in the selection of the best hemp product for your pup. The hemp oil along with a multitude of seeds boasts of treating a variety of health issues and improving a dog’s overall well-being when given in the appropriate dose, which the vet will help you to determine.

Studies come out every day, indicating the many health benefits that hemp provides. It touts as a safe, natural solution for the many ailments that a pup faces as it ages.

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