Drug testing is an activity that involves predetermined or random testing of samples of one’s body parts. The main aim is to check for illegal substances in the body system. The most common test that is conducted is the urine test, fondly referred to as urinalysis. Other less known methods of drug testing are the hair test, blood and saliva test. Urine test is preferred because of its versatility. Having a good understanding of the type of tests to take place, the various drugs and their lifespans in our bodies will help a great deal.


Many firms use this method to conduct drug tests. Most of the time, it is conducted in the firm’s premises. At other times, third party firms are hired. Employees hence go to these labs and have their urine samples tested. Different measures of monitoring are applied. At some places, you will find that you have to provide a sample through a transparent glass screen. This is in an attempt to ensure that the employees provide their own samples.

Drugs tested

Before a drug test is conducted, it is vital to get an overview of the drugs likely to be tested. In urinalysis, marijuana compounds are ever checked for. These are THC, CBD and other compounds. Cocaine, heroin, alcohol, PCP and opiates are constantly checked in drug tests. Hence, with the above information, one will be able to deal with traces of the drug they use so as to pass a drug test. Let’s look at marijuana for instance.


This is a widely used substance and most of the time gives its users headaches when faced with a drug test. This is because when consumed, marijuana will last in the body for quite a long time. In hair test, marijuana substances can be detectable for even years after usage. This is not the case for other substances.

Certain factors determine the time that marijuana compounds take in our bodies. Individual weight, metabolism rate, individual health and the last time you took weed are the main factors. For a regular user, marijuana takes an approximate of 90 days in the body. This can vary between different individuals. Some may even take 45 days. Sufficient information is essential so as to help one adapt the best method to pass a drug test.

drug testing


Risky option

Dilution-It involves adding substances to your urine sample. Most of the substances used are bleaches and detergents. However, these do not work since the sample will be rendered untestable or it may test positive. Therefore, I would not advise anyone to try this method. After all, the additives alter the colour and content of the sample.

Artificial Urine-This is commonly known as synthetic urine. It is manufactured for the purposes of testing machines in the lab. It gives credible results. Synthetic urine is available in many online shops and when ordered at the right time, it may help you in passing a drug test. This is mostly if in the provision of a sample there is no thorough screening. However, care must be taken so that the urine is at the right temperature. This is an extremely risky undertaking but it is worth the risk since we talking of your job here.

Another option would be to borrow urine from a friend. This works perfectly as the synthetic urine. However, it is riskier since the sample could be having other impurities as well that could land you into trouble. I would go with the synthetic urine.

Home remedies –There are lots of fake information from hearsay and the internet. Some websites will recommend weird methods such as ingesting bleach, detergents, vinegar and other substances. This could harm you and you may even not make it to the test. It is good to use healthy methods. After all, it’s only a test.

Detoxification-This is the process in which our bodies cleanse themselves. We have two major types-Natural cleansing and artificial cleansing. The former applies when you have enough time before the drug test. Some organizations give notice to their employees of upcoming drug tests. You will require approximately 45 days prior. The first thing you should do I to abstain from the drug, weed in this case. Exercises, proper diet and lots of liquids will assist your body to get rid of the illegal substances. For instance, marijuana compounds will break down from the fat cells and get eliminated completely.

If time is not on your side, you could use artificial detoxifies. These speed up the cleansing process. Others mask the illegal substances for even up to 6 hours.  Some enable flushing of the body hence making the sample invalid. For instance, if you take lots of water on the material day, your sample will be clear. Such a sample is invalid. Your test will, therefore, be postponed, giving you adequate time to cleanse.

Friends-It may be coincidental that the person conducting the test is your friend. In this case, they will say that your sample was negative, even if it was otherwise.

Drug tests, especially those that entail the use of urine sample can be passed easily. This is with the application of the right methods and at the right time.

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