The vaping community is on the rise lately. And with the legalization of cannabis in many states, young entrepreneurs and businessmen are coming up with innovative products. Moreover, these products are not just limited to cannabis and its derivatives, rather are extending to the equipment used for consuming the same.

One such piece of equipment is a dry herb vaporizer. As the name suggests it vaporizes the extracts from dry flowers of cannabis to give the desired hit.

But, you need more than this, of course.

What Is A Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that heats the contents of herbal origin to produce gases, particularly vapors, which can be inhaled through a mouthpiece.

A typical vaporizer consists of mainly three parts- a power source, a heat source, and a piece to deliver the produced vapors. Having said that, the contents that are heated can either be in dry herb form or can be concentrates extracted from the same.

Depending upon the type of material to be heated, these vaporizers are categorized as either dry herb vaporizers or, wax or concentrate type vaporizer.

We will stay focused on the dry herb type only. So let us understand what are dry herb vaporizers and how do they work.

How Does A Dry Herb Vaporizer Work?

A dry herb vaporizer consists of a chamber which is filled with finely ground flowers of your favorite herb. These vaporizers are usually used to smoke up weed and commonly referred to as marijuana vaporizers, which can be either portable or desktop type. The chamber is heated using one of the two methods- convection or conduction.

Conduction type heating uses a plate that is in contact with the herbs and heats up the contents directly. On the other hand, a convection type vaporizer uses either gas or liquid to heat the herbs.

Whether you choose a convection type or a conduction type of vaporizer, you must understand how do they work. A conduction type vaporizer heats up the contents directly, which causes the combustion of the herbs without making any contact with the fire. This causes the oils and resins within the herbs to evaporate and produce the gases (vapors) that are inhaled by the user. Whereas, as already mentioned, convection type does not burn the actual contents. This is the reason, why the conduction type are more popular as they can promise minimal wastage of the materials.

What Are The Different Types Of Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Now that you’ve understood what are dry herb vaporizers and how do they work, you should get to choose the type that is suitable for you. Depending upon the mobility of the vaporizer, they can either be portable, commonly known as vape pens, or desktop type.

When it comes to on the go vaping experience, vape pens can be pretty discreet and offer you hits whenever and wherever you wish for. On the other hand, a desktop type is bulkier in design and is meant for longer vaping sessions, with plug-n-puff features.

For better understanding, it is advised to learn more about the desktop type vaporizers and vape pens. Unless you understand how they work exactly, you may end up buying a worthless product that you may never use.

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