The very first vaping experience can be really overwhelming. And when you move to your first purchase, the decision can be a bit blurry, looking at the type of vaporizers available in the market.

You need to choose between portability, compatibility, and of course, other features amongst the rest. Having said that, the most important decision while purchasing your first vaporizer is to decide the type of heating technology. In fact, this can be the ultimate deciding factor for vaping enthusiasts who are looking for dry herb vaping experience.

The type of heating technology can affect the overall experience of vaping from taste to the time taken for the effects to show up.

It is important to understand that there are primarily two types of heating technologies available- conduction and convection.

The Conduction Type

As the name is suggestive, conduction type heats up your dry herbs directly and there’s no carrier for the heat. The typical construction of conduction type vaporizers includes a heating chamber that heats the contents by making contact with it.

These type of vaporizers usually provide with dense vapors at the beginning and gradually decreases the density. But when it comes to weed vaporizers, vaping enthusiasts claim that conduction type provides better hits and flavors, owing to the direct combustion of the flowers.

But then again, since the contents are heated directly, it can lead to a slight burning of the contents which can lead to the bitter taste of burnt flowers. This is another reason, why some of the vaping enthusiasts go for a convection type vaporizer.

The Convection Type

Unlike conduction vaporizers, convection vaporizers make use of air or liquid heated to very high temperatures for generating vapors. A crucial factor that controls the density of the clouds produced and the flavors is the surface area of the contents to be heated.

Usually, the herbs are loaded only after grinding them finely. This helps increase the surface area. With more surface area, the hot fluids can easily extract the resins and oils present in the flowers and evaporate them.

One of the best-quoted benefits of using a convection type vaporizer is the complete extraction of the contents from your dried herbs. And since, the herbs are not heated directly, there is also no chance of burning the contents, which is yet another benefit

The Verdict: Which One’s Better

Conduction vaporizers are more efficient at extracting the contents of your dry herb. They offer better flavors and taste for the ones who are shifting from smoking to vaping. Moreover, they offer better energy efficiency, as well.

On the other hand, a convection type vaporizer requires more energy and power to produce the vapors. Since there is a carrier for the vapors, it allows for assisted vaping as well. But, then again, the clouds produced are comparatively less dense, and therefore it also affects the flavors produced.

Regardless of what type of heating technology you choose to buy for your first vaporizer, it is important that you take into account a few factors. These factors include the taste you desire and majorly encompass the experience you are expecting out of your vaping equipment.

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