The Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is another offering from Ya Industries of China. Easy Vape has a few models available which offer great functionality to the lower end of the market. This one is a corded, tabletop box style vaporizing unit with a high-quality glass whip and LCD digital readout.

Key features:

  • Inhalation method: Direct inhalation via the ground glass hands-free whip.
  • Portability: This is a tabletop vaporizer with the mains cord attached. Not portable.
  • Dimensions Approx. 6 inches X 4 inches X 5 inches (15cm X 10cm X 12.5cm).
  • Power: The Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is a mains powered vaporizer.
  • Heat source: The inert ceramic heating element has been upgraded by Easy Vape in response to customer requests. The heater cover has also been improved and thickened – from .75mm to 2.25mm.
  • Temperature control: Temperature is controlled by a rotary knob. The LCD digital readout will give you the current operating temperature with an accuracy of +/- 2C. The LCD will also pulsate to inform you of the unit’s status.
  • Build: Made from a robust lightweight polycarbonate that is both durable and cool to the touch.
  • Special features: The new and improved user interface on the V5 is based on the digital alarm clock design, something that we are all familiar with. The integrated timer ensures safety with its automatic shut off feature.
  • Accessories: The Easy Vape Digital is available in a choice of 4 cool colors; black, silver, dark red and honey mustard.
  • Extra manufacturer recommendations: It is recommended that you fill the bowl no more than a 1/3 full and pack your mix down tightly. This ensures that the airflow over your herbs is correct. Caution should be taken when removing the whip from the vaporizer as the end becomes very hot.
  • Manufacturer: Made in China by Ya Industries.

This vaporizer is a traditional box-style vaporizer. It is robust yet light and has all the functionality you might reasonably expect from a cheaper vaporizer. It looks good, works well and, with a pocket-sized price tag, has provided vaporizing satisfaction to thousands of smiley people.


  • The Easy Vape Digital comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.
  • The warranty is valid only for normal use.
  • The warranty is valid only when the vaporizer has been purchased from an authorized reseller.
  • The Easy Vape Digital vaporizer is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and in proper working order when you receive it.


  • Turn on the Easy Vape Digital by rotating the dial clockwise until it clicks. the power button.
  • Select your desired temperature using the rotary dial. Try starting with the dial straight up at 12:00.
  • Allow the unit a couple of minutes to heat up.
  • Grind your herbs thoroughly.
  • Fill the bowl around 1/3 full by sucking up your mix through the end of the glass whip.
  • Tamp it down firmly.
  • Slide the whip onto the unit and allow your mix to heat up.
  • Inhale with long steady breaths,
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • CAUTION! The tip of the vapor whip can become extremely hot during usage. Avoid touching the end 1 inch of the whip.
  • Enjoy.

Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer


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