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Easy Vape V2 digital vaporizer is manufactured by YA Industries. We cannot source their actual location but we know that many vaporizers identical to this originate from Hong Kong – just check out

This is a classic box style digital vaporizer, with a convection style inhalation method, hot air is used to vaporize the herb. The Easy Vape vaporizer plugs into the mains, and heats up your herbs such as cannabis which is then inhaled through the ‘hands free’ vaporizer whip and wand. However, we have read that some users complain that the whip hose is not long enough.

Traditional box style vaporizers are made of wood, but the Easy Vape digital vaporizer is constructed from polycarbonate and comes in four colours: black, honey mustard, dark red and silver.

The Easy Vape V2 digital vaporizer comes with a ceramic heat element. This is an updated heat element compared to the original Easy Vape V1 vaporizer.

The Easy Vape V2 digital vaporizer also includes a temperature read out display in Celsius. Use the metal knob to increase or decrease the temperature (+/- 2 degrees Celsius). The LCD display is clear to read.

  • Direct inhalation-style herbal vaporizer using the wand and tubing
  • Mains operated, power cord length is unknown
  • Adjustable temperature control (+/- 2 degrees Celsius)
  • Digital read out in Celsius only
  • Ceramic heat element
  • Timber construction, comes in four colours, feels solid and stable
  • Built in China we believe
  • Looks like a box and not a normal vaporizer
  • Dimensions – unknown
  • Easy Vape digital vaporizer has a heater cover fixed to the unit which has increased three fold, upgraded from .75 mm thickness up 2.25 mm. Built to last.
  • Easy Vape digital vaporizer has replaceable fuses so if your vaporizer is affected by a sudden power surge the system will not burn out. Just replace the fuse. This can save your vaporizer from burn out, not many digital vaporizers offer this.
  • Easy Vape digital vaporizer claim a five minute heat up time
  • Easy Vape digital vaporizer requires that you cut your herb finely for best results
  • Easy Vape V2 digital vaporizers carry a five year warranty which of course is excellent. This does not cover glassware and physical damage.

The Easy Vape digital vaporizer is a simple design which works well. The digital temperature display works well, you get a five year warranty which is nearly unheard of and a bit like those Japanese knives that cut through shoes with the lifetime warranty. You lose the warranty before you need it. In any case this is a solid digital vaporizer that should offer the user most of the benefits they would require.



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