Effects of Smoking Marijuana compared to Eating Marijuana


Effects of Smoking Marijuana compared to Eating Marijuana

It’s accepted fact that smoking, whatever your herb of choice, is bad for your health.  The basic reason for this is that the process of burning (combustion) both creates and releases substances that are harmful to your health.  In fact, it’s not so much the plant material, for example tobacco, that is injurious to your health but the method of use.

Far healthier methods of ingesting your weed are by vaporization or making edibles, such as pot-brownies or Rice-Krispie treats with a difference. With vaporizers, of course, there is an up-front cost – no such sticking point with making hash brownies! The best method is to make cannabis butter in advance and just replace the ordinary butter/fat content in the recipe with your herb butter.  The fat content is important; THC is not soluble in water and needs fat to be released from the marijuana.

What are the differences in effect though between smoking marijuana and eating it?

Well, the first thing to say is that there undoubtedly is a difference in the high you get from eating your weed as opposed to smoking it.  In fact, there has been some research that shows the highest THC concentration in your body after smoking weed is at between fifteen to thirty minutes; for the next two hours this gradually tapers off.  With oral consumption (i.e. eating in a recipe), the peak THC concentration was at two to four hours and was maintained for up to eight hours.

Here are the main reported differences when using marijuana in recipes rather than smoking it:

  • It takes longer to feel the high
  • The high lasts longer
  • You are more likely to feel nauseous or vomit than when smoking a joint
  • Because you wait longer for the high, it is easy to use too much
  • The high is more in your body than in your head

The main message seems to be that you need to be very careful not to ingest too much weed in the form of baked goods – the length of time it takes to work means you are more likely to have more, believing that you haven’t had enough when, in fact, you’ve already had too much.  Slow and steady wins the race.

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  • sandy nelson
    June 17, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    mrs. s nelson retired , hospital worker #
    # i sure would like to get some baked goods laced with marijuana i won’t smoke it but i could use it in baked goods , i don’t know how you would use it in a vaporizer , but i would like to know, and also how do i get the product ?


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