Can the elderly use CBD and other related products to improve their health? Whether you have an elderly person in your family or you are an older person yourself and you are looking to know how CBD can affect your life, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the therapeutic benefits of CBD and reasons why it should be embraced by elderly people.


CBD for the elderly – no “high” effect

First things first, won’t CBD get you intoxicated? How is that allowable especially for the elderly who we consider quite weak when it comes to their body strength? Actually, this is a misconception that has been with us for many years. Though CBD comes from cannabis, it does not intoxicate. Basically, it does not contain the THC compound (or very little of it), which is responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effect. Therefore, it is safe for everybody, including the elderly.

Pain relief

It has been proven by many studies that CBD is a great pain reliever, perhaps even better than conventional prescription drugs. For instance, cannabis is great at minimizing nerve pain and treating associated symptoms. Additionally, various CBD creams are known to cure different joint and muscle pains.

Bone health

CBD and cannabis can be handy for seniors as it has great effects on fragile bones. According to some studies done over the years, CBD can help support fragile bones and heal fractures. In addition, because of its anti-inflammatory nature, CBD can be very helpful for people with multiple sclerosis.

A safer alternative to prescription drugs

The number of elderly who use prescription drugs daily increases each year. However, prescription drugs can be very risky for users, and can even damage the body organs and tissues.

In comparison, CBD is a safer alternative. Not only are CBD products non-psychoactive, they do not come with lots of side effects as in the case of conventional treatment regimes. Usually, these potential side effects as we have mentioned above include vomiting, nausea, comas, paralysis, and even death.

Insomnia and sleep issues

The older we get, apparently, the harder it is to get good periods of sleep. Many times, seniors are prescribed sleeping pills. These pills are known to have a high probability of addiction and other horrible side effects. CBD is known to help sleep patterns reset and thus, break the vicious cycle especially when anxiety is the primary cause of your sleeping disorder. 

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Studies have been conducted on whether CBD and cannabis can prevent the severity of Alzheimer’s disease. Actually, according to these studies, CBD can largely contribute to the riddance of a noxious protein related to this disorder. So, you might be asking, how does CBD achieve this?

Well, CBD is known to interact well with the brain by nursing it back to health, and more so, encourage the growth of fresh healthy cells, hence putting the user in a good position to fight Alzheimer’s.


Did you know that CBD can help the elderly fight glaucoma? In simple terms, glaucoma is an eye condition which is extremely common in seniors. According to research, CBD can ease up glaucoma-related symptoms since it reduces the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) and most importantly, have neuroprotective actions. For instance, in 1971, one of the initial research of its kind discovered that the use of CBD reduces IOP by 25%-30%.

Stimulates appetite

A general risky disorder among the elderly is loss of appetite. This disorder causes tissue weakness, mental issues, and weight loss. CBD, just like THC, can help bring out the munchies. It stimulates the receptors located in the Hypothalamus and thus, causing a healthy appetite for the senior members. 

Soothing effects

CBD is also acknowledged for its soothing effects. In fact, one of the key reasons why people use CBD and cannabis is because it simply helps them relax, release stress, and chill out. Relaxation is very helpful to senior members as it helps them clear their mind, reduce stress, and release physical tension.


While the potential benefits of cannabis and CBD are evident, it is advisable that you always consult a medical expert regarding their use. The fact that your body is now a bit fragile, you should be wary of taking any CBD product without any prior professional consultation.

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