The Carta portable electric dab rig launched by Focus V is the most reliable and affordable on today’s market. You look at the Focus V Carta initially and might think it looks more like a simple kitchen appliance but under the hood its durable, practical and well-designed portable vaporizer that provides excellent quality vapor.

In the article below we are going to discuss everything, you should know about the Focus V Carta Vape Rig. From its design and the many features offered through to how you use the rig and finally the performance and vapor quality. Let’s also not forget to mention that the Carta vape rig is the cheapest electric dab available on the market.

What You Get

  • 1 Carta
  • 1 WAX Atomizer
  • 1 carb cap
  • 2 titanium buckets
  • 2 quartz buckets
  • 4 alcohol wipes
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 dab tool

The Design of the Focus V Carta

Similar to the PuffCo Peak design, the Focus V Carta vape rig has a base where the dab receptacle and heating element is located. On top of the base is the glass chamber that is attached to the mouthpiece. Mounted on a base gives the rig nice stability, especially when placed on a flat surface.  The power button is perfectly situated at the bottom right of the base of the rig, which makes it easy to access when you are the holding the Carta in your grip.

The four diagonally aligned LED lights near the power button are used to highlight the current temperature status and battery levels. The four preset temperatures are easy to see while you hold the small 7-inch rig in one hand.

Preset Temperatures ( Celcius )

  • 260 C
  • 332 C
  • 410 C
  • 450 C


The design is simple, sleek and modern. The entire package includes everything you need to get dabbing immediately. It’s easy to charge through provided mini USB cable.

The really great feature about the Carta is that its dual purpose and may be used for either concentrates or dry herb. The bucket for dry herb is an optional accessory. However, there are also  2 supplied titanium and 2 quarts buckets included and quarts buckets provide the cleanest clearest taste ever.

The Smartphone App that connects to your Focus V Carta adds a huge amount of functionality at your fingertips.  The app allows for additional temperature controls as well as monitoring and alerting you of your rigs stats. The carry-case can easy hold the tools necessary for a good vape session as well as is convenient to transport around.

The Key Features

  1. Affordable, modern and sleek design
  2. Everything you needed to vape in one package
  3. Bluetooth functionality
  4. Precise temperature control through the Smartphone app.
  5. 4 buckets included
  6. portable hand-held e-rig
  7. handy travel case
  8. 2 removable 18350  batteries (you can swap anytime)
  9. Optional accessories like a dry herb bucket available.
  10. Replacement parts are also available.
  11. 3-year warranty

How to Use the Focus V Carta

  1. Attach the glass top to the base. Pour about 100ml water into the glass top.
  2. Place one of either titanium or quartz buckets onto the dab receptacle.
  3. Press the power button 5 times to turn the rig on.
  4. Tap the power button accordingly to reach the desired preset temperature on the diagonal LED lights.
  5. When the Focus V Carta vibrates it means it has reached the desired temperature. Dab some wax or dry herb into the bucket. Place the carb cap on top and inhale from the mouthpiece.

* If you would like precise temperature control, connect to the Smartphone app and choose your exact temperature preference. The also provides stats of your vape sessions for your interest.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A device that is well known to be easy to clean. Isopropyl alcohol and a couple of cotton balls will clean your Carta in now time. The glass dome may be cleaned by slowly swishing the isopropyl alcohol around a few times and rubbing it with an alcohol wipe. For more stubborn residue, place the glass dome over the dab receptacle could “burn off” the leftover particles, this is done on the highest temperature, Preset 4.

Performance of the Focus V Carta

Very fast heating times and only takes 5-7 seconds to heat up. This a quick startup time even compared some bigger desktop vapes.  Although the battery life is not long, the batteries are replaceable and you may recharge through the USB-C cable. If you have 2 pieces of the removable batteries as backup, you can swap them anytime. The Carta has great clear crisp flavor and pumps out a lot of vapor, even on the lowest setting. Vaping through the quartz bucket gives a pure flavor, and the dab receptacle only takes 2 seconds longer to heat.

Heat setting two seems to be one of the best heat settings for a good medium between taste and vapor clouds. The Carta is an efficient device if you take its size into account and makes up for the size with the large clouds that are obtainable on higher heat settings. On the two lower preset temperature settings using the quartz bucket, you will get the best flavor and aroma. If you would like a precise temperature control for your specific requirements connect using the app to your Carta and set the temperature.The cheapest electric dabber on the market

At almost half the price of other electric dab rigs available on the market, the Focus V Carta comes in at $250 with all the accessories required to dab. Its next closest competitor is priced at $380 is the Puffco Peak while the only other electric dabber is namely the Dr. Dabber Switch priced at $400. Value for money and vaping pleasure, hands down, the Carta will be a strong competitor in this niche dabbing market.


The Focus V Carta Vape Rig is the most affordable portable electric dab rig in its class. It also comes with a long 3-year warranty, years ahead of other competitors like Puffco Peak and Dr. Dabber Switch. It is the perfect portable dab rig for someone who wanted to buy a rig but was put off because of costs. Packed with features it is still cheaper than all other dab rigs, the Carta is a great way to get o your feet in the dabbing culture. The other benefit of the Carta is that there are a number of optional accessories such as the dry herb bucket, but you can also by replacement parts such as the quartz buckets and the original glass dome that connects to the base.

For affordable on the go dabbing, the Focus V Carta is hands down the best buy for your buck. It will keep you going for hours of vaping sessions, blowing clouds and inhaling the vapor!

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