Firefly is no new name to the vape lovers. The vapor with the name firefly was first introduced by mark Williams and Sasha Robinson in the grade 2012. Their sole aim was to gift vapor lovers with a unique design and the most exceptional vapor. Robinson was a tech guy with deep knowledge in both hardware and software, who worked in several companies like Juniper Networks, Nike, Microsoft, and LG, etc. another co-founder, Williams was the manager and lead designer of MAC OS X interface for 20 years. Both of them were smokers but health-conscious and have tried several vaporizers.

However, they wanted something sleek and sexy with some hi-tech features. Thus, the creation of a firefly vaporizer by these two tech guys peered into the vaporizer market. That was the introduction. Within some years, this name became super popular.

The creators then upgraded the designs and features of the vaporizer creating firefly 2 and firefly 2 plus. The dynamic technology used in this Firefly 2 plus vaporizer delivers exceptional flavor with zero-waste. It works equally effectively with flowers and extracts to give its users a unique and superb experience in the world. The new model is designed so that it becomes ready for use in just 3 seconds.

What features the firefly 2 plus offers?

  • The dynamic convection heating technology heats dynamically across a wide range of temperatures after every inhalation. With each time you draw, the air temperature rises until it reaches your set maximum. Thus, it delivers every molecule into your breath at that moment when it vaporizes. The taste itself says the difference. The vaporization temperature can range from 200 °f to 500 °f (F=Fahrenheit) that is the broadest range among vaporizers.
  • Depending on the strain you are burning, the temperature can be adjusted. However, in general, more flavors at lower temperatures and more vapors with high intensity at higher temperatures are produced.
  • The temperature can be set using smart apps that can be downloaded for free. To reach the set temperature, the device takes only 3 seconds that is simply amazing.
  • Easy to load and use option – the borosilicate glass heating chamber of the firefly and the magnetic loading mechanism ensures secure loading options.
  • The rechargeable battery can be charged directly, and it takes less than an hour to complete the charging. With each charge, the firefly offers several draws.
  • The stainless steel body helps in keeping the vapor fresh. No plastic is used here and so no chance of burning plastic.
  • The sleek and luxurious look of the device ensures that you will be noticed with this device everyplace you carry it.
  • The most fantastic feature of the invention is it allows more airflow than its predecessors. The increased rate of airflow is 33% more. This ensures easy breathing.

Overall performance

Reviewing customer feedback and user experiences, the performance report of the firefly 2 plus is quite impressive. The features like the fastest heating options clear and smooth vapor path, a wide temperature range, increased airflow, enhanced battery life, etc. That means the overall experience of firefly 2 plus is satisfactory and can be said to be in the top list in vape devices. Some users also denote this device like the iPhone of the vaporizer.

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