So you have decided to purchase a marijuana vaporizer. Now comes the confusing part.  Which device is the most appropriate? Purchasing a vaporizer depends on various factors. It is not practical to just Google “top 5 vaporizers” and pick one from that list; simply because, the device may be unbefitting for your unique needs.

Here is how to go about finding a cannabis vaporizer that is good for you.


The very first thing to think about is whether you require a desktop or portable vaporizer. If you need to use the vaporizer while on the move, obviously, a portable one would be ideal. Alternatively, a desktop vaporizer fits those who fancy vaping in their homes.

Although portable vaporizers are great for both home and outside use, the majority of them will not offer the same level of benefits and functionality as their desktop counterparts.

Portable vaporizers usually have shorter battery lives and smaller chambers compared to their stay-at-home vaporizers; hence, using one at home will obviously need more frequent recharges and refills. Essentially, this makes desktop vaporizers an ideal choice for those who prefer longer sessions.

In addition, most portable vaporizers only allow you to inhale from the mouthpiece. On the contrary, desktop devices provide an array of ways to inhale, including whips, balloons and even water-pipe extensions.

Heating method

There are two key forms of heating methods employed by marijuana vaporizers: convention and conduction. Convection entails the transmission of heat via air particles while conduction entails heat transmission through direct contact.

Normally, convention is deemed a better method but is more expensive and difficult to achieve. On the other hand, conduction heating is more popular with portable devices. However, the major shortcoming of conduction-style devices is that there is a possibility of heating the material instead of vaporizing it. More so, conduction is sometimes synonymous with uneven heating; and so, requires you to shake/stir the material periodically.


Many people (if not all) wish to be discreet while smoking cannabis. Although marijuana has been legalized in a number of states, you do not want to attract unnecessary attention while partaking. So when you go shopping, ensure that the device you pick looks plain and discreet enough to keep your marijuana use under wraps.


Duration of the draw 

“Duration of the draw” simply translates to the amount of time or duration required to retrieve vapor from the device. Ideally, you should go for a marijuana vaporizer that has short draw duration, since it makes the experience more satisfying when vapor is unleashed quicker. 

Temperature control

Vaporizing cannabis usually takes place at a temperature of about 356-392°F or 180-200°C. Some vaporizers allow the user to adjust the temperature to the desired levels, while others regulate the temperature on their own.

Vaporizers that have temperature control features are most preferred because they allow the user to adjust the temperature with more accuracy. On the other hand, devices that control the temperature on their own regulate the heat according to your inhalation pace.   


Nearly all vaporizers need some kind of maintenance, whether it be recharging, cleaning, or replacing certain parts. While some devices come with plenty of accessories to get you on track, these extras can be costly to purchase later on. The ideal way to evade any hidden cost is to ascertain what extras are necessary and how frequent they will need to be bought.

Power source

The power aspect is more pertinent to portable vaporizers, given that desktop vaporizers normally depend on wall adapters.

Although some portable devices run on butane, a good number of them run on some kind of rechargeable battery. Of course, certain types may last longer and may be more durable than others. Unluckily, it is difficult to compare battery endurance between devices without first owning them. With that said, ensure the vaporizer you buy is backed by a warranty which extends to battery replacement. 

Do your research!

Like with any valuable purchase, make an effort of doing some research. And remember, the price factor shouldn’t cloud your judgment. Buying a marijuana vaporizer should be considered as an important investment. Therefore, endeavor to spend a reasonable amount of money in order to acquire a quality vaporizer. Also, do not forget to check the handling and shipping fees when you shop online.

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