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Glass Bongs

Today’s post was a guest post from one of our visitors.

As a smoker of various herb mixes and blends I have always been curious of both bongs and vaporizers, but more in particular; Glass Bongs. I first heard about bongs from my friends and then I started to see pictures of them popping up on various online head shops that I use to buy my rolling papers and filters from. All this made me intrigued. When talking to my friends they’d advised me that if I was going to try a bong then I should check out a Glass bong. I had always switched between smoking joints and using vaporizers, so from what I could see a bong gives a way bigger smoke delivery when compared to a vaporizer.

First I looked into what a glass bong actually was and what it did to make for a different smoking experience! I’m going to share all that I learnt; in hope it may help some other new bong users. So, what is a Glass Bong? A Glass Bong (or water pipe) is a product that aids smoking by cooling down the smoke with the addition of water. They are nearly the polar opposite of a vaporizer. Whilst vapes gently heat your cannabis to the perfect temperature, a bong is much more of a brute. Glass bongs are the best choice if you want a huge smoke delivery. They are much smoother than a joint as glass itself is very cooling and that factor helps the water to stay cold, in-turn making the smoke cooler.

Typically, a glass bong is an oblong shape making them anything but stealth. The vaporizer is often available for sale in portable types that nobody would raise an eyebrow at. Bongs have a rounded water chamber at the bottom; this instantly gives away the identity as it is a very cliché product for cannabis smokers. The neck of the bong will have either an insert for a detachable down pipe or a built in one. At the top of the down pipe will be a glass bowl, this is where you burn your herb, so that the smoke can flow through the down pipe in the water. Once the smoke has reached the end/bottom of the down pipe the smoke bubbles through the water, causing its temperature to decrease rapidly. The cooler the smoke is, the smoother your bong hit will be!

So why should I buy a glass bong over other types

One of the main reasons my friends recommend for me to buy a glass bong over other materials is because not only do they cool the smoke using water; many of them have in-built glass percolators. A Glass percolator is device typically inside the neck of a glass water pipe that adds surface area to the bong and creates an even cooler smoke. Percolators come in all different shapes and sizes; you can get honeycomb percolators which have lots of teeny little holes, usually on a disc of glass, these are great for forcing the smoke to stay in the cooling environment for longer (as it takes longer for all the smoke to push through all the little holes). You can get tree percolators, these percolators have numerous branches to help disperse the smoke throughout the glass neck (again, adding to the optimum coolness).


Glass water pipes come in so many different colours, styles, shapes and sizes. There is way more bongs for sale at online head shops than vaporizers as they are so much easier to create. One of my favourite websites to use is HerbTools Bong Shop, there; I learned just how many different type of glass bong were really available! Some glass bongs are absolutely ginormous! But then there also a huge collection of smaller more discreet looking glass water pipes! There really are glass bongs to suit everybody’s needs! Lots of glass bongs are one-of-a-kind too, people hand craft/blow the glass to make some amazing unique bongs – perfect for anyone’s collection, or as a super cool first bong!

I soon thought even though glass bongs have so, so many benefits, surely there must be some downsides to them? The closest I came to thinking of a down side was the well-known fact that glass is fragile. When further researching this, I realised that so many glass bongs come with secure, padded carry cases – perfect for safe transportation and storage! I also found out you can get roll-stop products, with nodules of glass on a bowl (for example) to stop it accidently rolling off a surface. Another great thing I found out about Glass bongs is there’s a huge range of ‘thick glass’ bongs! This is great for a sturdier, strong water pipe!

A really handy and useful feature of glass bongs is that they are so easy to clean. Glass is easily wipe-able and comes up shiny with a simple polish. This way you can always keep you bong looking impressive and new. A great way to keep the insides (including any integral percolators) clean is to use a precooler. A Glass precooler is a small component that fits in between the down pipe and glass bowl. It does exactly what it says in its name – it prematurely cools the smoke down before it even enters your glass bong. This means that any residue or stray ash from your herb blend will get caught in the precooler (which is more convenient to clean out), rather than contaminating your bong water or getting potentially stuck in any percolators.

To sum everything up, there are hundreds of reasons why Glass bongs are the best type of bong on the market today. When I received my glass bong and tried it out, everything I’d read and heard about them was true. I really can obtain the perfect bong hit and it’s all down to how cool the smoke can get in a glass bong! I strongly recommend glass water pipes to any smoker out there!

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