Is your pet awfully passive? Does it show no interest in its normal routines? Since pets are known as joyful creatures, the sudden lethargy might be an indicator of a serious health problem, such as heart disease.

In fact, animals are prone to developing various cardiovascular conditions but tend to show no obvious symptoms. However, upon discovering such a problem, purchasing CBD oil might be the perfect therapy for your companion.

Here is everything you need to know about cannabidiol and heart disease in pets.

Common types

Heart disease is a common medical condition among canines and felines, obstructing the proper function of their heart. The valve disease is particularly common in dogs, causing an improper opening and closing of the heart valves whose function is to maintain a regular blood flow through the organ. Due to their obstructed function, the organ becomes gradually enlarged, thus being unable to pump enough blood.

Moreover, pets are also likely to suffer from a heart murmur, caused by an abnormal flow of blood through the organ. The murmur is actually the sound of blood being obstructed in its flow, which can be detected at a vet routine visit. Read more about the types of murmur in dogs.

Another frequent cardiovascular disease is dilated cardiomyopathy, referring to the enlargement of the organ. As a result, the muscle isn’t capable of supplying blood for the entire body system, thus increasing the risk of heart failure. This condition is more typical for canines and felines of older age.

Common symptoms

Lethargy is one of the most common symptoms of cardiovascular disease, which is more obvious to spot in dogs, than in cats. In case your pet refuses to play or gets exhausted much faster than usual, it’s possible for the weakness to result from a cardiovascular problem.

Also, pets may manifest breathing difficulties that you can recognize by the wheezing noise they make. These breathing problems might evolve into coughing, particularly in the latter stages of the disease. Therefore, it’s paramount to visit the vet upon noticing any respiratory issues.

In addition, pets are prone to experiencing appetite loss. If your fluffy companion is unwilling to touch its food, it might be a possible indicator. You could try improving its appetite by introducing a balanced diet or using a natural remedy like CBD oil. There’re numerous online sellers, such as holistapet, providing high-quality CBD products for animals.

Moreover, dehydration can be another potential symptom of a heart problem. You’ll often find their water bowl empty, which wasn’t so common beforehand. Your pet will also demonstrate unusual signs of thirst, but lower interest in food.

The role of CBD oil

As previously mentioned, CBD oil plays a major role in relieving the symptoms of cardiovascular disease in animals. Owing to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, CBD affects the necessary receptors to improve your pet’s overall health. For instance, by affecting the ghrelin receptor, in charge of appetite stimulation, CBD can make your companion feel hungry again.

Additionally, by influencing the receptors responsible for mood as well as the ones for pain, CBD relieves the pain caused by inflammation and boosts your friend’s mood. More importantly, CBD is able to diminish the blood vessels damage which results from the improper flow of blood. It can even improve blood flow, thus reducing blood pressure, which is considered to be one of the main reasons leading to cardiovascular problems.

Wrap up

CBD oil can really work wonders for the cardiovascular health of your beloved companion.

It’s both highly beneficial and safe!

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