The cannabis-based compound, cannabidiol (CBD) has a range of health benefits. The compound is an effective medication that treats a range of diseases and medical conditions.

There are available different Hemp extract products and the consumer has a host of options regarding choosing the product. However, CBD products are available in different dosages. It is best for an individual to start with a lower dose, increase the dosage with time. 

This content highlights the different types of CBD products that are common among users. The content also highlights the different methods of use of the products.

Common CBD Terms

With respect to CBD based products, following are some of the common CBD terms. Knowledge and understanding about these terms help the CBD buyers get the right products.

  • Hemp oil or hemp derived
  • Full Spectrum
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Isolate
  • Entourage Effect

Process of Absorption of CBD in the Body

It is important for the CBD buyers to invest in the right type of products. Once CBD is consumed, it is necessary for the substance to enter into the blood stream to show desired effects.

The manner of consumption of CBD products govern how beneficial or effective the product can be. With respect to the CBD, bioavailability is defined as the process of absorption of the product from the site of application right up to the blood stream. If taken orally then CBD has a limited bioavailability. On the contrary, if the product is injected into the blood stream then it has 100% bioavailability.

Method of Ingestion (Consuming CBD Products)

Following are the different methods of administering CDB:

  • Oral Ingestion: Edibles & Capsules
  • CBD Oil Capsules

Enhancing Effectiveness of Ingested CBD

Oral Ingestion

CBD or Cannabinoids are soluble in fats. This implies that when these substances are consumed with fat then their bioavailability is enhanced. Saturated fats are potent carriers of cannabinoids. The fat cells help the CBD to pass through the body and thereby help in faster processing and use of the products. An important thing about CBD is that they are directly metabolized by the liver.

CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil tincture can be administered under the tongue. This method of applying CBD has higher bioavailability. When the substance is held under the tongue then it is absorbed directly into the mucous membranes. The compound reaches blood stream quickly without disintegrating. In plain and simple terms, CBD intake in this manner is highly effective when compared to oral ingestion.

Inhalation: Vaporized or Smoked form of the Product

CBD Vape Pen

Inhaling CBD in the smoked or vaporized form is less popular. However, in recent times, there is available a host of CBD based products that are available in vaporized or smoked form. In this respect it is important to say that inhaling CBD has 5 times more bioavailability than oral ingestion which has a bioavailability of only 31%.

Though this method of CBD ingestion is effective but it has some risks associated with it and may not be suitable for all users.

Topical: In the form of Lotions and Balms

CBD Oil plus Balm

Cannabidiol can be directly applied to the skin and it is a popular method of using the product. There is available a variety of balms, lotions for use. These products are designed to help users get rid of joint aches, muscle aches as well as skin irritation.

Applying CBD ointment on the skin has localized effect and it helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the applied area. Studies suggest that CBD lotion is hugely beneficial to treat dermal conditions like psoriasis.


CBD Suppository

Many individuals prefer using CBD suppository. The use of suppositories proves to be highly bioavailable. The effects of CBD if taken in the form of suppositories last for a long period of time.

These products are used by persons who desperately need to benefit from these substances. Since CBD is known to treat a host of conditions including chronic pain, cancers therefore its use is highly popular among patients.

CBD Products That is Most Effective

The choice of CBD products may vary from person to person. Hemp oil products in Australia had become very popular. The choice depends on the needs and requirements of the user, comfort level with different administration methods. Sublingual is often preferred because that method has prompt onset and have long duration. On the contrary, vaping has effects that persist for a short duration.

While investing in the CBD products it is highly recommended to do adequate researches. 

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