Back pain is extremely common. Millions of people have ongoing back pain which is uncomfortable and incapacitating. It is important that you understand what causes back pain in order to know how to prevent it.

 Causes of lower back pain include injury, medical conditions, older age, lifting heavy objects and bad posture sitting. It affects people of any age, race, gender and for different reasons. As you get older, the chance of getting back pain increases due to degenerative disk disease and previous occupation.

Here are some simple but effective back pain prevention tips. They include reducing excess stress on your back, exercise, losing excess weight, maintaining proper posture. Also, taking supplements such as CBD oil for pain has the potential of preventing and alleviating, etc.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can result from an injury, strenuous activity, overweight, old age, spine inflammation, degenerative disk disease, sitting in a bad position etc. This pain is usually felt around the upper and lower back region where there are spinal cord and nerves, discs between the vertebrae, back muscles, ligaments around the spine and discs.

Problems or injury to these components causes back pain which can be incapacitating.

Back pain from Injury

Muscle strains on the back are the most common causes of back pain.  Your back will be prone to injury if you engage in activities that involve twisting, bending and moving. Strains may also occurs when back muscles abnormally stretch or ligaments holding bones together get torn from their attachments.

When the back muscles are strained, they become inflamed. Inflammation causes pain. Pain may be followed by stiffness in the low back area and inability to maintain normal posture. You may also experience difficulties in walking.

Poor Posture

Poor posture may be the cause of your lower back pain. Whether it is sharp or dull, back pain can affect your normal functioning. Unfortunately, some jobs like office work require someone to sit all day.

Many times you will find yourself slouching in your chair as you hurriedly finish a report. Poor posture provokes back pain. It places stress on your back muscles and spine causing pain.

Learn to sit in the correct posture in order to prevent back pain. Your workspace should be set properly so you can maintain good posture at all times.

Lifting Heavy Objects

One of the top causes of back pain is lifting heavy objects. Lifting things that are too heavy will strain your back muscles leading to pain. Lifting very heavy objects can even tore ligaments that hold bones together from their attachments.

That is why many companies have introduced lifting equipment to reduce back injuries. Also, if an object is too heavy, get help, don’t lift it alone.

Repetitive Bending

The strain on the back while bending a lot can cause excessive pressure on the back muscles, discs and joints causing pain. Frequent forward bending when gardening or cleaning can lead to muscle aches and inflammation.

Limit your bending in order to prevent back pain.

Tips to prevent Back pain

The lower back is prone to injury while twisting, lifting a heavy object or doing a sudden movement. All these actions will strain the back ligaments and muscles and this can lead to severe pain. Help prevent back pain and protect your spine with these crucial steps.

Exercise your Back Muscles

People are becoming less active and more overweight. You need to exercise in order to strengthen your back muscles. Strong muscles are extremely important because they provide support for the lower back. This prevents injury.

Start with low impact activities such as walking, cycling and swimming. These exercises increase blood flow to the spine which will provide the needed nutrients.  They will strengthen the spine and decrease the tendency to suffer back pain.

CBD oil for chronic pain

CBD oil for chronic pain is ideal for people who are prone to back pain. It is used to prevent and relieve all sorts of pain such as arthritis, sore muscles and neuropathic pain. The oil will prevent chronic pain by relieving inflammation that causes pain.

Study of this oil has shown to strengthen bones, joints and facilitates the body’s natural healing. It also interacts with receptors in the brain creating anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects that will help with pain management.

It is used in pain prevention and management without adverse side effects. You can buy it as CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, CBD oil capsules and tinctures. These are the renowned formats of taking the oil and have been used extensively to prevent and treat a back injury.

Take advantage of their numerous health benefits such as relieving inflammation, improving lower back muscle health, relieving back pain and promoting sounder sleep.

Pay attention to Posture

When sitting down, don’t slouch. Slumping over your desks allows your back to curve. Those who experience lower back pain most probably have bad posture. It is important that you practice good posture so that the bones of your spine can be aligned properly.

Slouching puts pressure on your back joints, ligaments and muscles and this causes pain. Sitting straight provides the most muscle balance. If it is possible, set your work space properly so you can maintain good posture at all times.

A study published in the 2015 found that poor posture was linked to watching television, using computers and playing video games. Those who sit in a slumped position often have lower back pain.

It is therefore important to be aware of your posture so that you can make beneficial changes that will reduce back pain. Avoid standing for long hours as this place immense strain on your lower back too.

There are exercises that you can do especially if you sit for a number of hours every day. You can perform upper body stretch which will straighten your back and chest.

Other preventions tips include correct lifting and maintaining a healthy weight. Get help if an object is too heavy. Extra weight puts strain on the lower back hence try to cut weight if you are overweight.






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