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Buy the Custom Print- Hot Box Vaporizer for $199.99

The Hot Box Vaporizer is a pretty stylish product. For one, it is quite specific and stands out from other vaporizers because of its custom prints. It really depends on your style and preference whether you want a vape that looks like a Rubik’s cube or a medical kit. The shape is the same but the packaging is consistent to your desires since the design something that can be completely modified. It was manufactured by one of the leading companies in the vaporizing industry – Hot Box. With their years of experience and a myriad of efficient products, they tend to deliver with pretty much every new outing. If you’re looking to buy your first vape, this little gem might be a good idea because it’s not overpriced, can be customized and is very efficient.

he vaporizer itself is made out of patented stone and tile, which complement this particular product really well. As in many other vaporizers, the heating element is made out of ceramic nichrome, which means that you can count on some pretty kick ass vapor. When all is said and done, this vaporizer is really intended for first time vaporizing enthusiasts as it doesn’t offer a myriad of functions that will make you lose your mind but instead focuses on the pure joy of vaporizing.

As we already mentioned, The Hot Box Vaporizer doesn’t offer a plethoraof options but instead only comes with an ON/OFF switch. We like to think of this vaporizer as a magic box that provides you with a pleasurable vaporizing experience at the tip of your finger. The inhalation method is direct draw, which means it’s perfect for people who don’t like to deal with vaporizing bags on a daily basis. The reason why most people are quite fond of this vaporizer is the fact that it can be personalized and therefore „one of a kind“, which naturally makes it stand out from your usual generic vaporizers. However, this is not a vaporizer that is all style and no substance. In a way, because of it simple design, it is the functionality of the vaporizer that gets the most attention here because it’s clean, efficient and simple.

We value vaporizers such as this one because they provide the end consumer with quality, instead of flashiness and brand names. Needless to say, Hot Box has been in the game for years and they have perfected their craft meticulously, which is why a lot of vaporing enthusiasts favor it. On the other hand, we always feel we have to say what we don’t like about a product and in this case – the portability of this vaporizer is brought into question. You can’t really carry it around in your pocket without creating a bump in your pants so stealth is not exactly a number one factor in this case. Yet, the simplicity, durability and efficacy of this vaporizer will make any vaporizing enthusiast more than satisfied with this product. It is very easy to maintain, almost zero debris gets stuck in it and it’s easy to disassemble in order to clean each and every bit of it.

Hot Box Vaporizer comes with:

1pc. Hot Box Vaporizer
1pc. Glass Wand
1pc. Glass Mouthpiece
1pc. Replacement Screen
1pc. Instruction Manual

Key features:

Inhalation method: Direct inhalation
Portability: The Hot Box Vaporizer is a fully portable model.
Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 8.25”
Power: Battery powered by Lithium-ion Batteries
Heat Source: Battery or AC
Temperature control: Automatic.
Heat up time: 15 minutes for optimum temperature.
Build: Patented stone and tile with ceramic nichrome.
Manufacturer: Designed, built and made by Hot Box.
Color options: Variety of colors.

Warranty:Five years.


Connect the Hot Box Vaporizer to the socket and turn on the button on the chord. Wait for the lamp to turn on.
Wait for 15 minutes for the vaporizer to heat.
Grind whatever it is you are filling it with.
Place the substance into the Wand and on the screen in the narrow end of the upper wand. The substance shouldn’t take more than 1/3 of the wand.
Hold the wand against the tip of the glass-heating element.
Start vaping by inhaling the vapor slowly but surely.


The Hot Box Vaporizer comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Warranty is for normal use only.
Glass components have no warranty.
Unit must be purchased from an authorized supplier.

If you would like to find out more about the Hot Box vaporizer or purchase it at the lowest price, please visit this site.


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