Currently, most parts of the world are under lockdown as the battle to contain the spread of Corona Virus otherwise known as COVID-19 intensifies. From New York to London, Rome to Paris among other major cities across the globe, the story is still the same—people are required to stay indoors for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, not everyone can comfortably stay indoors for such long periods without feeling like they are going crazy.

Since no one knows when life is going to return to normal, considering that the cure is not yet discovered and the virus keeps spreading like wildfire, people are now seeking for coping mechanisms to help them stay indoors. One such way is through smoking weed or consumption of CBD oil.

  1. Cannabis Use Can Help Heal Fractures and Support Healthier Bones

Research has shown that CBD health benefits encompass the process of healing bone fractures.  Although the study was conducted on rats according to a bone researcher, Yankel Gabet of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University; the use of rodents in the study does not remove anything from the outcome since rodents have always been reliable in producing results that are in consonance with humans.

CBD is able to do so by being able to trigger receptors that react with endocannabinoids which are molecules that are synthesized naturally in the body.

The researchers had earlier discovered that cannabinoid receptors could promote bone formation. During their latest research, they injected a combination of CBD and THC or only CBD on some rats with broken thighbones. The result showed that CBD promoted the bone healing process by enhancing the cartilage.  Furthermore, it was discovered that rats treated with CBD were less likely going to suffer a relapse in the future compared to rats that got healed without CBD treatment. Similarly, they observed that THC was unnecessary in bone healing while CBD could be beneficial in treating osteoporosis (weak bones associated with old age).

CBD For Senior Citizens

  1. CBD Can Help In the Extension of the Deep Sleep Phase

More studies have continued to prove that CBD is indeed efficacious in helping people to remain asleep for longer periods. A study conducted in 2012 which drew parallels between CBD and Nitrazepam (a sleep aid) showed that CBD taken at a high dose of about 160 milligrams significantly increased sleep duration. Furthermore, it pointed out that higher doses of CBD can be therapeutic and could mitigate insomnia, anxiety, and epilepsy among others.

Similarly, another study conducted in 2018 highlighted that entourage effect through the combination of CBD and THC can help individuals in treating insomnia, and indications showed that symptoms were more noticeable for Indica strains when compared to Sativa strains.

The study suggested that for those suffering from insomnia, the best results would be gotten when CBD levels are higher relative to THC levels.

  1. CBD Can Prevent the Onset of Alzheimer’s disease

The use of CBD is quite vast and encompasses protection against Alzheimer’s disease. CBD has proven to be effective in drastically reducing or totally preventing brain cell decline, inflammation, and oxygen buildup.

Inflammation can worsen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and it occurs when the immune cells located in the brain fail to clear disconcerting blockages. However, such a situation can be prevented or significantly reduced with CBD oil.

When inflammation occurs in the brain, the end product will be the release of oxygen as a stress-induced symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, as more inflammation occurs, the more it impacts negatively on the patient. Furthermore, as more oxygen envelops the brain cells, the brain’s ability to function properly diminishes. However, as an antioxidant, CBD can minimize the negative impact of this oxygen on the brain.

  1. CBD Has Been Shown To Have Mood-regulating Effects to Safely

Granted that more studies are required before conclusive verdicts can be made on this, however, experts still believe that CBD is beneficial in helping to regulate mood or as antidepressants. They attributed this to its ability to react with certain receptors in the brain which ultimately helps the system to boost serotonin levels.

A study that was conducted in 2014 showed how CBD reacted with receptors located in the brain to yield antidepressant effects and also to reduce anxiety.

More recent data released in 2018 buttressed that CBD does have anti-stress effects and in extension, can reduce stress-induced depression.

A more recent 2018 review Trusted Source of existing studies concluded that CBD has anti-stress effects, which may reduce depression related to stress.

CBD health benefits have proven to be encompassing and it does not come as a surprise why the demand for it continues to soar across the United States and beyond.

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