Have you finally decided to join the new trend of using vape pens? These devices have gradually taken over the market by becoming more appealing than the standard e-cigarettes. They can be found in various sizes and designs, being a good match for every potential user.

However, many people are discouraged from purchasing vape pens as they aren’t sure on how to use them. Actually, they are quite simple to use as long as you follow the instructions given in the manual. These instructions vary in accordance with the type of vaporizing pen you’re going to purchase, as they are not the same for the ones using essential oils and dry herbs.

Anyhow, if your choice is the essential oil vaporizer pen, these tips are going to come handy when you become its user for the first time.

Make sure you charge it

In order to commence using your new vaporizer pen, you have to charge it first. All models come equipped with a USB cable which is supposed to be plugged into the pen as well as an adapter so as to begin the charging process. Most commonly, it will have enough battery to give it a try, but it is better if you fully charge it and then start using it. The light on the pen is an indicator of the battery condition, whether it’s still being charged or the process is over. Read more about how to properly charge it.

The battery lifespan differs across various models. The ones which have the option of adjusting the temperature are known for having greater battery longevity than the ones which don’t have a temperature regulation button. Heat is battery’s biggest enemy, so make sure you select a model with heat control.

Load it carefully

There is a special part of the vaporizer pen, called a chamber which needs to be loaded with oil or wax in order to start the vaping process. Using your hands to place wax into the chamber is not advisable as you can alter its quality. Therefore, you can use a dabber to safely transfer it, without compromising it in any way.

On the other hand, in case you find the procedure of loading it annoying and time-consuming, you can purchase oil cartridges which are used and then replaced when they run out of oil.

They’re also very simple to use, as you just have to detach the rubber from the cartridge and connect it to the battery. However, make sure you keep the pen in an upright position in order to prevent leaking to the mouthpart. Numerous companies, such as be Moxe, provide their customers with vaporizer pens along with essential oil cartridges made of  high-quality plants.

Know how to operate the button

Vape pens are activated in different ways, depending on whether they are operated by a button or not. The ones which don’t have a button are activated just by inhaling, whereas the ones with a button require pressing it while inhaling.

The models equipped with a button are considered to be more efficient as you have complete control over vaping. You just have to learn the way the button operates and you’re prepared to use it. For instance, you are required to click it a fixed number of times to perform different tasks such as to turn the device on and off, adjust the temperature or hold it for inhales.

After purchasing your vape pen, don’t forget to read the manual which contains precise instructions on how to use it. Even if someone told you how to use it, you’d better check again in order to be sure.

Store it carefully

Proper storing is as important as proper usage, especially when you need to travel somewhere. For travelling purposes you need to have a perfectly sealed case not allowing any air to go out or inside it. Another important feature is to be smell proof, retaining the oil smell inside the bag, as oils are known for their strong smell. Visit the following link: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2008/jul/06/healthandwellbeing.relaxation13, to check out the fragrance guide on various essential oils.

While travelling or even being at home, having a spare charged battery is always a good idea. In this way, you’ll never have to wait for your vape pen battery to get charged. On the other hand, if you’re a person who would simply forget to charge the battery or take a spare one with you, the best option would be to purchase disposable vape pens, which you can throw away after using.

Wrap up

If you have just purchased or you are planning to purchase a vape pen, make sure you charge it and load it properly.

You will soon realize there’s nothing complicated in using it!

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