How vaporizing marijuana at different temperatures affects the vaporizing experience


How vaporizing marijuana at different temperatures affects the vaporizing experience

One of the major selling points of up-market vaporizers is their wide temperature range.  The problem is, some people are confused by such a wide range and sweat over what temperature they should be using.  To add to the confusion, there’s lots of talk recently about how vaping at different temperatures either improves or dulls the experience.

The fact is that marijuana releases its essential oils and THC at temperatures between 175°C to 200°C, (that’s 347°F to 392°F).  Within this range of temperatures you’ll get all the essential elements of your cannabis but none of the harmful toxins that are associated with smoking. If you want to learn more about how to chose the best marijuana buds try Learn Sativa College Budtender Training Online.

Unless you’ve been living in a different galaxy for the last thirty years or so you will know that smoking is harmful to health.  Some folks are under the impression that is the substance, i.e. nicotine, that is dangerous, but the truth is, it is the burning that produces most of the toxins.  This means that if you burn marijuana you are producing many of the toxins that injure or kill tobacco smokers.

If you set your vaporizer temperature at the high end of the range, you are very close to burning it; the vapor might taste a little smoky and your high is likely to feel harsh. Vaping at the higher temperatures produces a thick vapor that is not dissimilar to smoke. At these high temperatures, you will also destroy cannabidiol (CBD), which makes up 40% of marijuana’s active constituents.

CBD has sedative qualities, and it slows down the rate THC clears from the body; so your high won’t last as long. CBD will not last as long. CBD is also very valuable from a medical point of view, especially as a pain killer. Learn Sativa College Budtender Training Online could give you more information on this concern.

Turn the down the dial for the best experience. Take a look at your bud – if it’s turning dark you are into the burning zone.

Something else to remember is that, by using a lower temperature, you are not destroying anything – just extracting the active ingredients. As not all those essential vapors are used up in one sitting you are actually getting more for your money.

By keeping your screen clean and not over packing your bud you should find that you get a far cleaner hit at the lower temperatures, and you will also get more for your money.

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  • Katrina
    October 7, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Glad to see somebody

    Glad to see somebody wrote a guide to this, I do this at home with an Extreme Q and love it!

    A few things for people with different setups than this:- For those with the Extreme Q, if you buy a second elbow piece(the part that attaches your hose to Cyclone Bowl , it comes in standard sizes and will fit perfectly, only costs 5$!)- It can take a few seconds of pulling to fully heat up the herb in allot of vapes. So, for those with bigger bongs you may find it better to pull really slowly, fill the bong to the top with vape, exhale while cupping the top, then take a full toke. Otherwise I end up with a big lung of air the first pull.


  • Anita Toth
    January 27, 2017 at 3:34 am

    Randy's Zipp
    My husband and I each really enjoy our Randy’s Zipp dry herb vaporizers. While we have had bongs, pipes, papers, etc. of course, we didn’t realize the flavors, the effects, and the fact that we get a whole lot more mileage out of our herb. I feel better sooner and also don’t wake up coughing, nor am I constantly clearing my throat, as I was beginning to do with the bong. I am concerned, now, that we may have them a little too hot. Will try it on a lower temp (right now, it’s set at 420 – gives what I had considered a ‘decent’ cloud of vapor.)


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