Hydrology9 Vaporizer has been designed to promote the full optimization of the user. Every piece of different materials used to design this vaporizer serves an essential purpose that is aimed to enhance the user’s experience. The package of this product entails; Cleaning Kit Set, User Manual, AC Adapter, Charging Cable and Hydrology9 Vaporizer.

Features of Hydrology9 Vaporizer

Reinvention of Liquid Filtration

Coming up with a special vaporizer needs one to, think of unique ideas other than the ones used to create the already existing vaporizers in the market. The thinking should be the ones that will help solve problems that are in the current vaporizers.

Creating a leak-proof Hydrology9 Vaporizer and, one that does not hinder the free flow of vapor needs complex thinking to, come up with a design that enables the two concepts to work at the same time. The pivot of Hydrology9’s innovation relies on the ability to blend all the necessary concepts aesthetically into the Hydrology9 design. The design is a unique approach to liquid filtration.

Magnetic lid & Mouthpiece

When the Hydrology9 project began, a team of engineers committed themselves to design the Hydrology9 mouthpiece. The mouthpiece was created through the use of 1/4 inch thick Borosilicate glass, which offers an excellent combination of clarity and strength. The mouthpiece curves in a special design to facilitate comfort and make cleaning easy. There is a ball valve that is creatively and well-positioned inside the mouthpiece. This ball helps to prevent spillage when Hydrology9 is turned upside down.

The Borosilicate Glass Body

The key inspiration behind the creation of Hydrology9 is the blending of traditional and moderns design concept that comes with it and, as such the addition of glasswork in Hydrology9 is very important. The minimalist cylinder design of Hydrology9’s body is specially shaped to keep to grip and also to lock out any liquid from spilling.

Experience of Vaporization

Hydrology9 is designed with a microchip processor that helps to regulate the temperature in the oven. The microchip facilitates corrections within milliseconds to any occurring change in oven temperature.

Evenly Distribution of Heat

Hydrology9 has solved the common problems found in most vaporizers nowadays. There is a device that has been built inside too, allow the user to distribute heat evenly and effectively. The chamber cover found at the bottom is integrated with the stir. The cover is made out of spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy while the stir is designed with heat resistant stainless steel.



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