Is It True That Marijuana Vaporizers Offer A “Healthier” High?


Is It True That Marijuana Vaporizers Offer A Healthier High


As marijuana fever is shaking the country, the culture of marijuana consumption is changing as well. For long time, rolling a joint was the most widespread method used to consume marijuana, often combined with tobacco. Bong was probably the second most popular method. But that was before medical marijuana has hit the mainstream. Now that the users have become more conscious and more educated, many of them have turned to marijuana vaporizers, which are considered to be a healthier option. Before that, vaporizers, aka e-cigs, were used by folks who wanted to quit smoking tobacco, but couldn’t and for the same reason, they used vaporizers, as a healthier option to tobacco. But are they really healthier?

Enter vaporization

The rise in e-cigarettes and vaporizers used for smoking nicotine in the past few years has created a $1.5 billion industry. It was only a matter of time when the electronic cigarette would become an electronic joint, and it happened some time last year. The Inquisitr reported on the arrival of electronic joint as “the latest entry into the smokeable products market.” Unlike tobacco vaporizer, marijuana vaporizer was sold empty – the user had to buy the material to fill it with. Perhaps soon we will start seeing vaporizers being sold filled with our favorite herbal or wax blends?

Cannabis Concentrates

“Concentrate” has now become an omnipresent word in the cannabis industry. The meaning of the word is multiple – it could refer to the wax you vaporize, the tincture you put under your tongue, or the orally administered THC-free cannabis oil that’s being used almost exclusively for medical purposes. These potent concentrated forms might be the future of cannabis consumption. Some types may have as high as 80% of THC! This is not something that everyone can handle. The point of the extraction process under which the concentrates are produced is to extract the essential compounds of cannabis plant – cannabinoids, the most famous of them being THC and CBD. We know that CBD can’t get anyone high, but it does have medicinal qualities.

Why is vaporization healthier?

There aren’t many studies out there, but several do suggest that vaporizing marijuana is better for health than smoking it. Experts say that vaporizing is healthier and less harmful for the lungs; however, it is also more potent than smoking, which is something to consider if you’re just starting with your vaping sessions. Another very important thing is that researchers know far less about the long-term effects of “vaping” the compounds in marijuana extracts or oils, compared with the effects of inhaling compounds directly from the plant, experts say. “We don’t have the same safety data for extracts as we do for the flower,” the part of the plant most often burned when smoking marijuana, said Mitch Earleywine, a psychologist at the University at Albany in New York, who studies marijuana use. So yes, a lot is still unknown about cannabis, whatever form of consumption we’re talking about. The important thing you can for now do is to remember to be the responsible marijuana consumer, however you decide to consume it.

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