After two years in development, our vape designing friends at 7th Floor LLC in Colorado who have finally unleashed what they describe as their first “social” herbal vaporizer.7th Floor LLC are known for the Da Buddah vaporizer and Silver Surfer vaporizer.

One thing’s for sure; whether you are a social vaper, or chilling on your own, the sleek and aesthetic design of the LSV is top notch. The name is a play on words with Light Sabre, and you can see what they mean when you look at its sleek lines and silver anodised aluminium finish. But can it make you feel the force?

First off, let’s check out the features. Weighing in at 4lb (1.8kg) and measuring 9″ x 1.85″ x 2″ (plus the wand at 10″ x 0.65″), this is quite a hefty bit of kit and falls into the hands free category. The Life Saber vaporizer features the same heating element as the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer vapes, both of which have proven very popular with the vaporizing community. The LSV also uses the same ground glass design features and with an operating temperature of up to 260C (500F) the LSV should be able to deal with any eventuality.

There are a couple of ways to use the LSV. Firstly, you can simply pack the end of the wand with mix and insert it straight into the unit. This direct method is very simple and highly effective. You can also use the LSV in association with your water pipe or bong. By using the brilliantly designed adapter (sold separately). You can also remove the ceramic heater and use it to light your water pipe without combustion, making for a smoother more flavoursome experience.

And if you’re looking for some icing on this cake, the Life Saber Vaporizer comes with a beautifully designed plush hemp carry bag, custom made to store your LSV and all of the accessories.

Life Saber Vaporizer:

  • Direct inhalation style herbal vaporizer with wand
  • Can also use the LSV in association with your water pipe or bong as a butane free lighter
  • Mains operated, power cord length is unknown
  • The Life Saber vaporizer has a ‘ceramic heat element’ same as Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer
  • 4lb (1.8kg) and measuring 9″ x 1.85″ x 2″ (plus the wand at 10″ x 0.65″)
  • Operating temperature up to 260C (500F) which is far beyond what is required
  • Anodised aluminium shaft

So, here’s what you get with your Life Saber Vaporizer:

  • 1 Life Saber Vaporizer
  • 1 Custom plush carry bag
  • 1 Glass marble stir tool
  • LSV transfer wand made of Pyrex
  • Standard free 3 year warranty they also offer a 10 year and lifetime warranty option for the LSV®. These can be purchased when first ordering your vaporizer.

The 7th Floor LLC Vapemeisters have turned up trumps with the Life Saber Vaporizer.

This vape has been designed to within an inch of its life, and it shows. This is a thing of beauty which you will enjoy using and probably enjoy showing off to your friends even more. For $239.99 it compares favourably with other vaporizers in the same class.

If you would like to find out more about the LSV Life Saber Vaporizer or purchase this vaporizer at the lowest price, please visit this site.

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